This weekend’s F1 alternative: DTM Zandvoort

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Markus Winkelhock, Spyker, Nurburgring, 2007, qualifying | Spyker F1 | Peter J. Fox/Crash.netWant to catch up with the latest exploits of F1 debut race leader Markus Winkelhock?

Then don’t miss the seventh round of the German Touring Car Championship this weekend at the classic former F1 venue of Zandvoort – one of the top tracks on the touring car calendar.

Other racing action for those of you missing your F1 this weekend includes the Champ Car World Series, World Touring Cars, and British and European Formula Three.

And you’ll find me at Snetterton watching the British Touring Cars…

DTM & F3 Euroseries, Zandvoort

Markus Winkelhock returns to tin-top action for Team Futurecom-TME in an Audi. Fellow Audi driver Mattias Ekstrom leads the championship as it visits the fantastic Dutch seaside track of Zandvoort.

There are plenty of up-and-coming talents to keep an eye on in the supporting F3 Euroseries races, too. Sebastien Buemi tested for Red Bull this week and raced in the GP2 race last weekend. But he slipped behind Romain Grosjean in the title race after the Swiss (who races under a French licence) was on scorching form at Mugello.

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Champ Car World Series, San Jose

Champ Car returns to another of its eccentric street tracks with likely 2008 Toro Rosso driver Sebastien Bourdais back in the lead of the championship.

The crazy railway line jump at San Jose isn’t as bad as it used to be but this is still a ferocious and punishing track, particularly for F1 refugees Robert Doornbos and Neel Jani on their first visit. Another ex-F1 driver, Justin Wilson, was in fine form at Edmonton last weekend, but will have to find more pace to challenge flying Frenchman Bourdais.

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WTCC, Anderstorp

Another touring car series at a vintage F1 circuit. There’s extra interest in the WTCC this weekend as Seat are bring a diesel powered car and Volvo are making their first appearance in the championship with a bioethanol racer.

The BMWs are running away with the championship and no-one else would have had a look-in but for the WTCC’s punitive sucess ballast system. This weekend BMW’s Augusto Farfus will be light compared to team mates Andy Priaulx and Jorg Muller, so expect him to win at least one race.

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British F3, Spa-Francorchamps

Marko Asmer, Hitech, F3, Spa-Francorchamps, 2007What a pity no-one’s covering British F3 live this year on British television, especially as the series heads to one of the best racing circuits in Europe, if not the world.

Marko Asmer may be running away with the championship but any driver can gain massive kudos by winning the two races at Spa, so expect some fierce, fast racing.

(Edit: Having written this I now see Asmer is 29th on the grid and his three closest rivals in the top three grid positions. Game on!)

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BTCC, Snetteron

This is where I’ll be – hopefully interviewing Fabrizio Giovanardi who lost the lead of the championship to Jason Plato in a streaming wet event at Donington Park two weeks ago.

More rain is forecast for Sunday (it’s raining everywhere in Britain at the moment) but even on a bone-dry track the British Touring Cars serve of some of the best racing you’ll see anywhere. If only you could say that of F1…

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What motor racing are you watching this weekend? Are you off to a track somewhere? Let us know below…

Photo credit: Spyker F1 | Peter J. Fox/

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  1. Turismo Carretera at Rafaela (Argentina)… an almost oval racetrack (it’s a oval circuit with 3 chicanes) where the average speed can go up to 208 km/h (it will definetly be beaten this weekend, the cars have 80 kg. less than last year).

    Great to watch as always… If BTCC “serve of some of the best racing you’ll see anywhere”, you will defintely love Turismo Carretera.


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