Damon Hill to commentate at Hungary

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Damon Hill, Silverstone, 2007 | Glenn Dunbar / LAT PhotographicDamon Hill will be joining ITV’s commentary team for next week’s Hungarian Grand Prix. The ITV team made the announcement following their coverage of today’s British Touring Car races.

He is expected to be joining James Allen in the commentary box in place of Martin Brundle, who usually misses the Hungarian race.

Last year Anthony Davidson stood in to commentate on what turned out to be Jenson Button’s maiden win.

Photo: Glenn Dunbar / LAT Photographic

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13 comments on “Damon Hill to commentate at Hungary”

  1. This is great news. Damon is one of motor racing’s more intelligent speakers and I think he’d make a good commentator. Unfortunately, the race itself will probably not provide a lot to talk about, but we can’t have everything…

  2. Maybe I have a suspicious mind, but this just makes me wonder where Brundle goes at this time each year…

  3. He probably just chooses to miss Hungary due to it being the most boring race on the calender, (unless its wet).

  4. Brundle’s banned from entering Hungary after a particularly daring, yet unsuccessful, jewel heist in the late 90s.

  5. Robert McKay
    29th July 2007, 18:03

    Better than the awful pairing of Allen/Blundell, which I was expecting, but the flipside is probably lots of references to Hill’s exploits at the same track in an Arrows-Yamaha in 1997. Wonder if they tried asking Murray – he did a decent job on the radio at Nurburgring. I know he’s trying to be retired, and all that, but was worth a go at least…

  6. He always misses this one and I’ve always wondered why. Maybe we should all try and ask this question next time it’s question Martin on ITV-F1.

    I actually thought that Anthony Davidson was very good last year. He provided a lot of insight, but presumably he’s a bit busy this time out.

  7. It’ll be interesting to see how Damon fairs in the commentator box. I believe Brundle occasionally takes part in motor racing events himself, and I seem to remember him missing a race or two a few years back because of Le Mans.

  8. Ollie is probably right but prize for the most interesting guess goes to Andrew… ;)

  9. Fantastic News!!!!! I had always longed for Damon and Murray in the commentary box, what a partnership that would have been. Guess, I’ll just have to settle for Hill and Allen.

  10. Maybe Martin just needs a sunday off of not listening to James talking BS

  11. You’re funny, Tommy B! Good choice for ITV. But I don’t know if the chemistry between Damon and James will work.

    And why isn’t Brundle always around this time of year? Extended summer vacation, perhaps?

  12. I certainly hope he can provide the information that Mr Brundle often misses.
    I still think I will watch on ITV and listen on BBC. At least that way can cope with the AD breaks…..doenst Damon have a monotone voice ZZZZzz

  13. Quit the moaning, both are highly talented and knowledgeable ex drivers. I know those ad breaks take alot of putting up with, but here in New Zealand its a midnite start..the things we put up with!! Boring race tho, roll on Spa

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