WTCC Anderstorp 2: Last-lap home win

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Rickard Rydell sensationally – and surprisingly – won the second race at Anderstorp after passing team mates Alain Menu and Nicola Larini on the final lap.

Rydell is not contesting the full championship this season, and Larini was unhappy that he had been allowed to take points off him.

Rain once again made the race complicated and exciting, with drivers like Rydell who gambled to start on slick tyres on a wet track benefiting late in the race.

Larini and Menu led away on their wet tyres as Yvan Muller, who had started third on slicks in the new diesel Leon, fell back.

James Thompson gave Rob Huff a hard time, eventually passing him for fifth on lap six, then taking fourth off Gabriele Tarquini’s Seat.

There was plenty of action further back as Andy Priaulx passed Olivier Tielemans and Pierre-Yves Courthals. But when he caught the Yvan Muller, who was falling back down the field, the two made contact. Muller retired and Priaulx fell back.

Priaulx had started ahead of his BMW team mates but now they came past him, Jorg Muller pushing Priaulx clean off the track at one corner.

But over the final laps the slick-shod runners were coming to life. Rydell blasted past Thompson and then took third off Tom Coronel on the penultimate lap, before setting about his team mates.

Tiago Monteiro was also making headway, passing Huff for seventh on lap 12. Robert Dhalgren’s bioethanol Volvo also came past.

The Chevrolets crossed the line first, second and third – but the latter pair were decidedly unhappy that Rydell had been allowed to beat them.

Coronel was fourth ahead of Thompson and Monteiro. But a huge pack of cars crossed the line together battling for the final two points-paying places. It was Tarquini that took seventh ahead of Dhalgren, but as the Swede’s car is not allowed to score points, ninth placed Jorg Muller gets a precious extra point for his championship lead.

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