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Knut Urbye wrote in to ask:

I have been looking around the web and tried to figure out where i can acquire lap times for each racer. I am looking for the lap times for each sector and round and for each of the racers. Want to see if I can analyse the data and perhaps see if i can figure out a bit more.

For anyone else looking for these, here’s some help.

I use the paid subscription website Forix which has an excellent database of information on all past Grands Prix plus loads of other racing series., which is part of the same subscription, publishes all the lap times after every race.

But there is also a way to get the data for free. The FIA publishes all its lap time data on its website. Here’s the lap times for the European Grand Prix.

It’s in a PDF, which isn’t ideal – but it is free. Who says the FIA are all bad?

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5 comments on “Your questions: Drivers’ Grand Prix lap times”

  1. Another site that is very useful for examination of individual driver’s race performances is Vision F1. It gives a graphical interpretation of each GP (hard to describe but have a look and you’ll see what I mean) and enables one to concentrate on a particular driver throughout the race, including his lap times (especially good for comparing a driver’s times in comparison to his immediate competitors lap by lap).

  2. Luizzi Best lap was 3:22.300 ha

  3. Rain + dry tyres + looong pit stop + only 1 lap = slow time.

  4. Robert McKay
    29th July 2007, 18:07

    Thanks for the Vision F1 link Clive. I haven’t checked, but is that only available post-race, or is it possible to get a live version of that? That plus a radio commentary would do pretty good if you had no access to TV pictures for whatever reason. If the teams can do it trackside, I don’t see why the FIA/FOM can’t do their own version for their live timing site…oh I forgot, that would require some effort on their part.

  5. Unfortunately, whoever runs the site only manages to get the races up some time after each one has been run, Robert. And that can vary quite a bit – they had the European GP up a couple of days afterwards but others have taken a week or two. A historian’s tool more than a live version, I think.

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