Daily Telegraph rates F1 death crashes ‘top video’ (updated)

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The Daily Telegraph picked footage of crashes that killed two people as the second best video on the internet.

This morning’s Telegraph links to a Youtube compilation of F1 crashes that include footage of the incidents in which Paulo Ghislimberti and Garahm Beveridge were killed.

Ghislimberti died after a multiple car crash at the start of the 2000 Italian Grand Prix. And Beveridge lost his life at the 2001 Australian Grand Prix after he was struck by a wheel that detached in a collision between Ralf Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve.

The Telegraph described the footage as: “Painful yet addictive”.

Update: The Daily Telegraph appears to have removed the video this afternoon and replaced it with another. As the video is still on Youtube, where the newspaper linked to it originally, it seems that it has been removed because of the nature of the footage and not because of a copyright claim.

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10 comments on “Daily Telegraph rates F1 death crashes ‘top video’ (updated)”

  1. Painful and sad… Unless you like watching death, it’s hard to see this as a top video. Crashes are nice to watch, if you know no one got killed doing it.

  2. I fear a lot of people watch F1 simply because there’s a chance of a crash – personally the odd off into the tyre barrier doesn’t put me off watching but as Journeyer says it depends how badly hurt the driver is (or bystanders are).

    I can kind of see where they are coming from when they say it’s addictive viewing but it wouldn’t rank as my top video that’s for sure.

  3. I’m guessing the telegraph was not aware that anybody was killed in this video, as is probable for the videos author, there is no footage of Senna’s crash for instance, which would have showed a far more deliberate attempt to show fatal accidents.

  4. Has it been removed now? Or am I blind?

  5. Robert McKay
    30th July 2007, 19:28

    As an aside, it’s interesting that legitimate publications like the Telegraph are directing people towards F1 footage on Youtube. Given the FIA/FOM determinatin to protect the copyright and their continued attempts to shut down F1 “archive” video sites, I wonder if they’ll tell the Telegraph to stop directing people towards such footage.

  6. They also amended the comment for the woman-falling-down-hatch video. They no longer call her fat.

  7. Ive never looked up the stats but I would be interested to know how many people have been killed since the debut of F1 in the 50’s. What would be the ratio of deaths/race weekends….. I’m not trying to be morbid, obviously the safety has improved over the years, but have they done enough?

    As for the Kubica accident, I wanted nothing to do with the replays until after it was confirmed that he was not seriously injured. The first thought that ran through my head when that happened was that F1 was in for another tragedy

  8. Robert McKay
    31st July 2007, 19:11

    Over the course of the whole F1 World Championship, I have no idea. But I’m sure I remember Jackie Stewart saying that there was a period in the 1970’s where, on average, a driver was killed every three races, which is a fairly shocking statistic if true.

  9. Sorry robert, but thats just crazy talk… Nothing like one every three races ever happened. Perhaps a serious crash every 3 races but not deaths.

    There was one a year from 66-69 and two in 1970. There were 4 deaths in 73 and again in 74 with one more in mid 1975, Perhaps that is the period that sir Jackie was talking about.

    1973, July 29: Williamson, Roger, 1973 Dutch Grand Prix
    1973, October 7: Cevert, François, 1973 United States Grand Prix, during qualifying session
    1974, March 22: Revson, Peter, 1974 S. African Grand Prix, during practice, a week before race
    1974, October 6: Koinigg, Helmuth, 1974 United States Grand Prix

    Overall there have been 27 F1 deaths.

    From good old Wikipedia:


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