??25m plan for Silverstone approved

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A ??25m plan to develop the Silverstone circuit has been approved by the circuit’s owners, the British Racing Drivers Club, in a meeting yesterday.

The circuit will get new grandstands, new pit and paddock facilities, a science park, a test centre for car manufacturers, hotel and conference centre, and new homes nearby.

Silverstone is fighting to keep its place on the F1 calendar. Its current contract expires in 2009 and Bernie Ecclestone has repeatedly demanded the track make improvements. (Links below)

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2 comments on “??25m plan for Silverstone approved”

  1. Its good to see there are going to be some improvements to Silverstone. I hope the said improvements will be enough to let Silverstone renew its contract when it appears.

  2. Unless Bernie Ecclestone draws the plans himself he’ll never be happy and even then there’s no guarantee with anything that man says. Many of us can’t wait to dispose of MadMax Mosley but there’s another out there that has screwed up F1 just as much and we all know who I’m writing about! Loyalty, Honor, Tradition
    things of intangable value mean nothing to him…..only MONEY has any value. And for all he’s got has he ever re-circulated a single pound Sterling back into the sport? Yes, He’s bought circuits and teams etc. but he’s bought them for himself
    without regard of F1. Enough said.

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