A1 Grand Prix 2007-08 calendar revealed

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A1 Grand Prix has revealed the schedule for its 2007-08 season, the third ‘World Cup of Motorsport.’

The venues are largely similar to last year. There are 11 rounds (22 races), the same as last season, when 12 were planned but the Brazilian round was cancelled for the second year in succession.

Once again there will be two races in China, but the tight Zhuhai road circuit will be favoured over the Beijing street circuit that proved highly problematic last year. Zhuhai is the only new round on the calendar so far but the venue for the third race, in Asia, is yet to be revealed. See below for the calendar.

The opening race at Zandvoort is on the same weekend as the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Fuji Speedway – but they shouldn’t be on at the same time.

The ninth round in Mexico clashes with the provisional date for the Formula 1 2008 season opener in Melbourne, Australia, but again both should be on at different times.

There is a third potential F1 clash – the penultimate round in Shanghai is on the same day as the provisional date for the F1 Bahrain Grand Prix.

1 – 30 September 2007 A1GP Zandvoort, The Netherlands
2 – 14 October 2007 A1GP Brno, Czech Republic
3 – 4 November 2007 A1GP Asia ?????? venue TBC
4 – 25 November 2007 A1GP Sepang, Malaysia
5 – 16 December 2007 A1GP Zhuhai, China
6 – 20 January 2008 A1GP Taupo, New Zealand
7 – 3 February 2008 A1GP Sydney, Australia
8 – 24 February 2008 A1GP Durban, South Africa
9 – 16 March 2008 A1GP Mexico City, Mexico
10 – 6 April 2008 A1GP Shanghai, China
11 – 4 May 2008 A1GP Brands Hatch, Great Britain

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