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There will be two new faces on the GP2 grid at the Hungaroring this weekend as Marcos Martinez and Markus Niemela replace two drivers in the championship.

Spaniard Martinez will replace Ernesto Viso at Racing Engineering. Viso suffered an enormous crash in the GP2 race at Magny-Cours and returned at the Nurburgring two weeks ago. The Venezuelan won two races with iSport last year but has not scored a point so far this season.

Martinez drives for Racing Engineering in Spanish Formula 3 and is currently ninth in the championship. He scored his first podium finish of the year so far in the last round at Magny-Cours.

Meanwhile Finnish driver Niemela will take the place vacated by Sakon Yamamoto at the BCN Competicion team. Yamamoto has moved to the Spyker Formula 1 team.

Niemela finished seventh in British Formula Renault last year, with one win. He is currently tenth in the European Formula Renault series and scored his best finished of the year so far, second, at the previous round also at the Hungaroring.

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