Debate: Has F1 been brought into disrepute?

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Since McLaren escaped last week’s World Motor Sports Council hearing without punishment last week, the war of words between Ferrari and McLaren has escalated profoundly.

First Jean Todt attacked, saying that Ferrari would have been punished had they been in the same position, adding there was, “not even a sign of logic in this verdict.”

Yesterday Ron Dennis hit back, accusing Ferrari of cheating in the Australian Grand Prix, and leaking misleading information about the trial to the press.

Have either of these two brought F1 into disrepute – and should they be punished?

When the story first broke I was happy to suggest that the massive publicity might draw some attention to F1 in a positive way.

But the open accusations of cheating (by both teams) and inconsistency by the sports governing body are deeply serious. Should the FIA respond by sanctioning either – or both – of the teams involved? Have your say below…

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4 comments on “Debate: Has F1 been brought into disrepute?”

  1. yes, but maybe it’s the FIA who’ve brought the sport into distribute.

    by not acting quickly, by not controlling the spread of press releases and generally not having transparent processes to govern the sport.

  2. It would not be this hot, if the teams involved were not Ferrari and McLaren currently the only 2 teams fighting for titles (and race wins). FIA seems not to be sure what to do in order to punish the culprits without destroying the season … It is quite a different matter to exclude mid pack team like BAR Honda from 2 races than effectively deciding the Championship fight, and one of the best we had in few years … Now both Ferrari and McLaren are not happy with what FIA is doing. So they begun to play dirty … FIA can’t blame them for that …

  3. Dennis’ comments about Ferrari’s legality in Australia are a completely logical response – Ferrari weren’t made to label McLaren as cheats in the press over the dossier that no-one can prove McLaren ever had.

  4. The FIA is more to blame for bringing disrepute to the sport than anyone. There doesn’t seem to be any common sense in the higher offices. The above mentioned B.A.R. fuel tank and two race penalty is a perfect example…….MadMax KNEW of the tank and possible light weight situation but waited over 6 months until a car came up a kilo short and then made a big deal of it. Had he quietly mailed a letter to B.A.R. earlier as a warning that whole “scandal” and PUBLIC display could have been avoided. MadMax has an ego, he has to show who’s running things. This situation is a bit outside MadMax’s reach but
    the acknowledgement of wrong-doing without penalty is what has rattled many but what can MadMax do…….Hamilton is the media darling and McLaren are at last competitive again, he CAN’T take action against them. I suspect at season’s end the FIA will lay a large monetary fine on McLaren for their unethical conduct …..that way Hamilton keeps his points, McLaren keeps their championship , most of us will sigh relief and the whole stinking story will fade away.

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