Alonso’s qualifying stunt – 21 opinions

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F1 bloggers have reacted with a mixture of fury and dismay at the pit debacle at McLaren during qualifying.

Here’s a selection of comments from those who liked what they saw, and the 99% of writers that didn’t…

Alonso foul play – “Plain out of order”

A tip for Fernando – “If you are going to misbehave and then lie, it is not a good ldea to put your hand over your face and look down while you are doing it”

Alonso a cheat – just like Michael Schumacher was – “That’s cheating – in just the same way Michael Schumacher cheated in qualifying in the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix”

All is not well at McLaren – “He must be worried by Hamilton’s raw speed”

Fernando Alonso is a buffoon – “I was in total disbelief when the team wanted him to go and he just sat there for a whole 10 seconds”

Alonso steals controversial pole from Hamilton – “Fernando Alonso stole a contraversial pole position from Lewis Hamilton at the Hungaroring”

Fernando Alonso – Bad sportsman
– He can only win by cheating! What’s the glory in that?

Today’s qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix – “I am sure Hamilton would have been looking flustered and like a dumb kid whose candy got snatched”

Alonso pole – “Grumpy and determined Alonso seems to be playing a dirty game to win at any costs”

Alonso claims last minute controversial pole @ Hungaroring – “Alonso could be in serious trouble with Ron Dennis who was fuming!”

Fernando Alonso Cheats, Blocks Lewis Hamilton To Take Pole
– “A disgusting display of poor sportsmanship”

Waiting for Alonso – “Oh to be a fly on the wall in the team meeting this evening”

Was Fernando a naughty boy? – “Strong words will be had behind closed doors”

Wouldn’t want to be in Alonso’s shoes… – “Lewis Hamilton deserves an Oscar for his performance as a team player in that press conference”

Alonso vs Hamilton: Hungary Qualifying – “What a bloody cheating b******”

F1 scandal 2 – “I am a Michael Schumacher fan and I must admit that his dirty tactics are wrong and he’s a big fat (ish) cheat, he NEVER played unfair to a team mate. Well maybe Rubens but that was a team order, not a driver.”

Si – “Needless to say Ron Dennis was slightly peeved”

A controversial Pole for Fernando Alonso – “We do not know if Alonso was instructed to wait in the pits, or took his own decision to wait”

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at McLaren?????? – “There only seem to be two alternatives: incompetence by the team, or deliberate baulking by Alonso”

Alonso Under Investigation – “Alonso can’t be allowed to do that! it’s ridiculous!”

Hungarian GP Qualifying – “This incident detracted from what in fact was a total McLaren dominance”

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9 comments on “Alonso’s qualifying stunt – 21 opinions”

  1. They’re a passionate little bunch, aren’t they? ;)

  2. Hamilton did not follow the team instructions for six times during the Q3. Alonso’s engineer did what he had to, bring Alonso on the track when trafic was more convenient. The problem comes from the fact that not even the team recognises Alonso as the two time World Champion superstar that he is. He’s been treated like a rookie since he joined MClaren, when he should have been treated like an icon. It is not fair what Dennis is doing to Fernando, but Fernando is too strong even for him. Hamilton is a great rookie but he still has to prove many many things and a long way to go. Fernando did it in front of the best driver ever (Schumaker – only according to his record).

  3. I wouldn’t be opening most of these links because I am rather ****** off.Quite obviously,most of these are one sided views and probably obviously non-alonso fans who jump up to conclusions to hit out at Alonso.Seriously,how could you link something like this:

    “He can only win by cheating!”

    Uh huh,seriously.He won two championships by cheating.

    Yes that is a nice way to take away the fact that Felipe Massa did nudge Alonso two weeks ago.But were there 21 or so opinions about it?

    And Michael Schumacher never played unfair with his teammate?Wow,that is news now,isn’t it?

    1. Ya Alonso is really a cheat, he is not a sportsman.All sane persons should hate Alonso.

  4. Let’s just see who’ll win this race today….

    Hopefully Hamilton will have the lucky stars above him….

  5. yes there are sure many things that Hamilton can learn from Alonso. Let’s hope though that he will be only learning the right things.

  6. josema garcia
    5th August 2007, 8:41

    In my opinion, Lewis is a fantastic driver (I mean fast that’s all) but the number-one sticker on the car belongs TO FERNANDO, not McLarens.
    Plus; Who cheats here? It’s Fernando who sets up the car (and that’s 75% of the race strategy). Lewis wouldn’t set up an alarm clock if his life depended on it!

  7. Javier – I’m English but NOT jealous – I admire and support Fernando Alonso with all my heart and agree with you about the jumped up Hamilton- what makes you think all English people are daft? Long live Alonso

  8. Ok, sorry for the terms.
    But last Saturday I was so disappointed for all the things it happened…
    Sorry for this, but I think FIA (and some English judges- sorry for my bad English)was not just with Alonso.
    I think Alonso has lost a very important ocassion to win the championship.
    Now Hamilton says it was his fault…
    But NOW there’s no come back: the damage is done, and it’s possible Alonso has lost the oppotunity to win the third championship.

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