F1 in the blogs 38: Fangio’s finest

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Read an interesting response to yesterday’s ‘Best Lap Ever’ post.

Plus rumoured changes to the tyre rules for next year, why Alex Wurz is great, and someone in a monkey suit…

F1 Fanatic’s Post of the Week

The Mythos of the Greatest Lap

A response to my post yesterday on Fernando Alonso’s great lap in last year’s Hungarian Grand Prix. Alex argues the case for Juan Manuel Fangio’s mighty drive in the 1957 European Grand Prix.

More F1 on the blogs

F1 tyre rule change for 2008 – Bridgestone might be forced to bring a larger selection of tyres to each Grand Prix round next year.

Massa and Kimi – what now? – Are the Ferrari drivers throwing points away?

Good old Alex Wurz – I have to agree with Clive at F1 Insight – Alex Wurz is one of F1’s best personalities. Even when he does the stupid hand thing.

Kimi in a gorilla suit – ‘Boring’ Raikkonen up to monkey business…

Photo: LAT / Glenn Dunbar

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