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F1 news site Autosport will launch a new video service called Autosport TV on August 20th.

A demo version of the service that went live for subscribers today features clips from recent touring car races and world rally championship rounds, as well as an interview with Spyker F1 driver Adrian Sutil.

It’s not yet known whether Haymarket publishing have had any joy in prising a few minutes of F1 race footage from Bernie Ecclestone’s icy grasp – but I wouldn’t be too optimistic. Autosport subscribers will be able to enjoy the footage ad-free. Links below.

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21 comments on “Autosport to launch video service”

  1. Thanks for the info :)

  2. Please, please, please, please, please!!!

    But like you, I doubt we’ll be seeing F1 on there any time soon.

    Humph :(

  3. coooool! and we’ll all be able to enjoy the ad-free footage when it gets posted onto YouTube :)

    i can’t see anything on the site though, did i miss something?

  4. It’s not being launched until the 20th.

  5. oh, thought you said a demo version went live today?

  6. Ah yeah but only subscribers got it – sorry I’ll add that to the post!

  7. got ya. and your external link should be pointing to:


  8. Robert McKay
    7th August 2007, 19:29

    I’m sure Bernie would be only too happy to hand over F1 footage, but at his price, which has probably got a lot of zeros after it….

  9. Thanks for the help guys :-)

  10. a shade less than half a million, for 8mins race footage.

    we asked already!!

  11. i like it. the image is a bit small for my liking. and the controls are tiny, but that said, looking forward to more.

  12. Anyone think the Hungarian Grand Prix was worth over £1,000 a second?

    Thought not…

  13. Just one. Some guy named Bernie Ecclestone…

  14. btw: i don’t want to give the impression that ITV pays as much as that. i imagine the official broadcasters get a much better deal.

    just so no-one thinks that ITV’s incessant advertisements are in anyway justifiable.

    i should also add that the price mentioned above probably only covered UK broadcast rights, so you even if you paid that price you still couldn’t stick your newly purchased footage on YouTube.

    i used to think the music industry had a pathetic attitude towards content!

  15. According to F1 Racing (April 2006 edition), ITV paid $51m for the priviledge of broadcasting the 18-race 2006 season. At a rough average of 90 minutes per race, that is 27 hours, or $31,481.48 per minute.

    If the figure is accurate, and the $1000-per-minute for Autosport’s highlights video is also accurate, then Autosport had an absolute bargain. And just in case you thought ITV was paying through the nose, German station RTL paid more ($102m for 2006).

  16. Robert Mckay
    9th August 2007, 15:34

    Presumably the $51m also includes the rights to broadcast qualifying, so you could take that into account too, probably works out at something like $20,000 per minute. Still, hefty.

  17. 27 + 18 hours = 45 hours
    $51m / 45h = $1.13m per hour
    $1.13m / 60 = $18,888.89 per minute.

    Sometimes I wonder if the ITV people ever do the maths for these things?

  18. it was the 20th August *2007* wasn’t it?

  19. Yeah I had a look for it at lunch time… they’re teasing us!

  20. Well it’s there now. And it works – the demo version never worked for me.

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