Maserati commemorates Fangio anniversary

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Maserati is commemorating the 50th anniversary of Juan Manuel Fangio’s final F1 world championship with a special website dedicated to the great Argentine.

Fangio drove 16 races for Maserati in 1957 and won 10 of them. That included his final F1 victory and arguably his greatest ever drive, when he recovered a deficit of over a minute to beat Peter Collins and Mike Hawthorn’s Ferraris at the N??rburgring.

It brought him his fifth and final championship. Check out the smart little microsite at the link below.

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  1. Very good site – funny how Maserati has such a different aura from Ferrari, even though they’re both owned by FIAT now…

  2. Good Bless that oldie that did the incredible :)

    Good Bles Juan Manuel Fangio.

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