Bourdais replaces Liuzzi for 2008

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Sebastien Bourdais, Toro Rosso, 2007 | GEPA / / DavenportToro Rosso have confirmed that Vitantonio Liuzzi will follow Scott Speed out of the door at the end of 2008.

As has been widely expected, Liuzzi will make way for Frenchman Sebastien Bourdais. Bourdais has won the Champ Car World Series for the last three years and currently leads the championship.

Bourdais has already tested for the team on several occasions. He will partner German Sebastian Vettel, who joined the team at the previous round. Links below.

Photo: GEPA / / Davenport

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15 comments on “Bourdais replaces Liuzzi for 2008”

  1. How does that motivate Liuzzi for the rest of the year? Make him drive like a demon to prove himself to someone else in the paddock, or demoralise him so utterly his pace collapses?

  2. Liuzzi is a professional and will continue to give of his best as he has done all season. Strangely, the reverse is also true in that the STR bosses will continue in 2008 to demonstrate their lack of professionalism by blaming the shortcomings of the car on the drivers.

  3. Having lost all faith in the Toro Rosso team to manage correctly, I can’t see how Sebastien Bordais will get anywhere with this team next year. Hope he proves me wrong.

    I may never have rated Vitantonio Liuzzi, but surely he rated more respect than the constant sniping he’s had from his own team managers. Best of luck to him for the rest of the season, and his career.

  4. Well, I pity Liuzzi a bit. I remember back in 2004, when he was hailed to be a future world champion. He couldn’t even move on from a Red Bull team.

    But he still deserved to be treated better. He wasn’t that much better against any of his teammates. He was good at wheel-to-wheel racing, I’d give him that. But in terms of just going fast, without chasing anyone in particular, I felt he came up short in that area.

  5. Bourdais’ results are impressive… Three consecutive Champ Cars championships, 26 wins and 39 podium finishes in 66 starts, currently leading 2007 season… His one of those drivers who deserved to debut in race-winning car, just like Andretti, Villeneuve and Montoya did. Let’s see what he can do for Toro Rosso next year, but it’ll probably be a waste of talent. I fear the worst and hope the best for him. Truly!

  6. I don’t think Bourdais is as good as he appears. The Champ Car league is severely diluted and the team he is on have been dominant (even before he got there) since the split. He has made his fair share of mistakes (ex: Le Mans) as well and I don’t see him being the savior to this team. It seems he may get more respect then Speed of Luizzi ever did though, and thus will probably last longer regardless of results.

    Heres to three man teams! Give Luizzi the third seat at STR and Speed RBR’s. I miss 27/28 car fields.

  7. Well, well, well, everyone (above)in agreement, STR management is the problem and I’ll add my name to the list.
    Bourdais? I don’t know much about him but ANYONE joining STR needs LUCK to survive.

  8. No, number 38, not luck. They need speed and diplomacy. Lack one, and you’ll be out the door before you know it.

  9. No Journeyer, they will need to bring their own car and pit crew if they intend on surviving.

    I sense another career being ruined next year. Vettel will find another team as he is still young.

  10. Bourdais / Vettel. A good pairing for STR and as drivers they both have potential. Perhaps now that the drivers are confirmed they can start recruiting new management. Maybe Luzzi will get a seat at Prodrive. He certainly deserves another shot at a F1 seat. One would like have seen him move to a more dominant team were he can prove is worth.

  11. I don’t understand why everyone seems to think that Luizzi deserves another chance but say nothing of Speed. He has outperformed Luizzi all year. Although Tonio has more DNF’s due to car failure and not driver error.

    I Prodrive should take both drivers. They seem to mesh well together and there are not too many other proven F1 drivers available. The other option would be to pluck some youngsters from GP2.

    It will never happen but both of them deserve another shot on a better run team (Richards).

  12. Great News, i really wanted him to get the STR seat.

    As for Liuzzi… i expected him to be with Sebastien, but Vettel entered the scene, so no place for him, sadly.

    Looking foward 2008 STR scene!! :D

  13. Like this really matters… with all due respect, we’re talking about a Toro Rosso. Other than Honda’s recent performance, these beasts are dog-slow.

    Add Tost and Berger and you’ve got less than you began with.

    Poor Sebastian and Sebastien.

  14. I am happy for Bourdais to finally get a shot at F1. But it will be tough for him to switch from race winner in Champ Cars to backmarker in F1 … He has to hope to impress quickly and attract attention of other better teams…

  15. Everyone’s taking sides, Speed or Luizzi, but both could have been good given 3 to 5 years experience and a REAL RACE CAR! Sean in post 13 got it right……we’re talking Torro Rosso and Tost and Berger.
    The drivers never had a chance !!!! And if anyone thinks Bourdais and Vettel are going to be winners in the same car ………. you’re in for some disappointment! By the way anyone want to start discussion on who is going to be “#1” and who will be “#2” at STR? On second thought Sean just remindered me, “we’re talking about Toro Rosso.”

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