F1 in the news 47: F1’s $2.9bn debt

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F1 owners CVC already owe the banks $2.9bn (?ܣ1.43bn) – but they reckon they can make more money by taking even more debt on board…

Plus is the FIA doing enough to promote road safety? How much are parents shelling out to turn their kids into the next Hamilton?

And more on the McLaren fallout at Hungary.

More of F1’s money making secrets come to lightPitpass reports on CVC’s plans for making more money from F1.

F1’s role in road safety under attack – Having the FIA in charge of road safety initiatives is like “asking the fox to look after the chickens” according to a professor.

Davidson frustrated by Fisi incident – Super Aguri driver still steaming over collision with Fisichella that put him out.

Parents fork out in their search for a star
– ?ܣ11bn spent on the Hamiltons of tomorrow.

The lesser known… Aguri Suzuki – Interview with the Super Aguri boss and first Japanese driver to score a podium finish.

Hamilton vs Alonso – team mates at war – My column in Auto Trader on the McLaren dispute.

Spanish press angry over Hamilton winMarca not impressed with Alonso’s penalty.

Frustrated Alonso eyes return to Renault – But will he really be happy battling for eighth?

Date set for spy case appeal hearing – It’s on September 13th. Four days after the Italian Grand Prix. Someone’s got a sense of humour.

Also several British papers are showing picture of Hamilton on a beach with some girl. I’m not linking to them because as far as I’m concerned that’s gossip, not journalism. What he does in his private life is of no interest to me – what I want to know is why he didn’t let his team mate pass him in qualifying as he was instructed to…

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