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If you’ve never seen racing at the fantastic Elkhart Lake (Road America) then make sure you tune in to the Champ Car World Series round this weekend.

The ultra-fast circuit has been described as America’s answer to Spa-Francorchamps – and if Bernie Ecclestone weren’t so sniffy about paddock standards and the like it would be the perfect venue for an American Grand Prix.

Check out the other top racing picks for this weekend – and video of Katherine Legge’s terrifying shunt in last year’s Champ Car round at Road America.

Champ Car World Series, Road America

Former Red Bull driver Robert Doornbos got himself back into championship contention with a fine win at San Jose two weeks ago.

He and Sebastien Bourdais will resume their battle for the Champ Car World Series title at the fabulous Elkhart Lake circuit this weekend.

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Indy Racing League, Kentucky

Dario Franchitti and Scott Dixon will continue their battle for the IRL championship that was interrupted at Michigan last weekend by a terrible crash for Franchitti.

The Scot survived flipping into the air at over 200 mph and landing on Dixon’s car – but he’s furious with fellow Briton Dan Wheldon (Dixon’s team mate) for causing the crash. Here’s the video of what happened:

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British F3, Silverstone

The last round of the British Formula Three series wasn’t much of a race – the drivers only had three laps of green flag running in appalling wet conditions at Spa and a fortunate Jonathan Kennard took his first win.

After a poor showing there and at the F3 Masters race at Zolder British championship leader Marko Asmer needs to get his title campaign back on track.

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What motor racing are you watching this weekend? Are you off to a track somewhere? Let us know below…

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10 comments on “This weekend’s F1 alternative: Champ Car Road America”

  1. Robert Mckay
    10th August 2007, 9:22

    3 laps of green flag running, why even bother? Don’t they have some kind of race suspension plan?

  2. I believe they were sharing a billing with another race and weren’t able to hold the schedule up. I think at the very least they should have only awarded half championship points.

  3. Can someone please point out to Bernie that, now he has removed all F1 clips from YouTube, the only videos that F1 bloggers are using come from Champ Car and the IRL. It should be mentioned to him that this is like sponsoring a TV show and then declaring that only adverts for your own product cannot be shown during it.

  4. Anybody have any idea which channels screen these leagues in the UK? I’ve scanned TV listings, but I can’t seem to find any slots for Champ Car or Indy Car. Are they exclusive to Sky Sports?


  5. The IRL is on Sky Sports and the Champ Car World Series is on Eurosport, with replays and highlights on Motors TV.

    Check out F1Fanatic’s sister site Maximum Motorsport for the ’07 calendars:

  6. I’m jealous that you are able to watch the best of our racing but here in the states I cant find any DTM, Fia GT of WRC coverage.

    Secondly we tend to hear a lot of Europeans who have no respect for our leagues (the same can be said of ignorant Americans who think racing can only be on an oval). Its nice to see so many people interested even if the talent pool isn’t as…. talented.

  7. Sorry, I wanted to ask this in the previous post. If anyone has any information on where I can find any of those racing leagues on American TV please let me know. I’m so far behind on all three leagues I would buy DVD’s of previous seasons.

    I would also be interested to see if anyone plays Rfactor (racing sim reviewed on this site) or GTR2 (Fia GT 2003,2004 seasons sim)

  8. @Dan M , I know what you mean,Speed channel used to show DTM but,I never see it on their schedule anymore.I am going to Road Atlanta with my friends to watch them race on Porche Club track day to get my fix during this F1 summer break. aaaahh…the smell of freshly laid rubber.

  9. MY GOD! Dario Franchitti flipped again (after the chequed flag!!), not that good a race but the last 50 were really good!

  10. OHMYGOD the IRL race in Sparta was amazing. And again Dario lands on his lid and believe it or not it was after the race was over. I have some excellent pics of the whole race. I had a bloody good time and if you all ever get a go on one of these races do your selves a favor and go to them. I know it wont fill the VOID from lack of F1 but it will tickle your funny bone. I will be posting some of the stuff you wont see on TV on youtube and flixer LOL amazing race. TONY Kannan won wooooooooooooooooo my fav. Most Indy races are on ESPN or ESPN 2 via sat or cable Dan M.

    Oh i forgot if you think the IRL was a funny race you should have seen the Indy Pro series race rite afterward. Ok here we go, it is a 65 lap race on a 1.4 mil semi oval 6 laps into it and all hell breaks loose it had over 10 caution flags and finished under caution LOL those young kids are crazy LOL. They even had a Caution within a caution. They were almost done cleaning up the 8th or 9th wreck and 2 cars at the back of the stint desided to go flight training school and take to the air. It was AMAZING heheh.

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