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The Lewis Hamilton cash-in machine is running full steam with five biographies of the 22 year-old to hit the shelves in time for Xmas.

And one of them even claims to know how the world championship will turn out. For attention-grabbing jacket quotes, it’s hard to beat this:

Thrown in at the deep end ‘on a mighty whim’ by F1 team owner Ron Dennis, Lewis Hamilton crowned his 2007 debut season by winning the title in Japan in October.

Conspiracy theorists who claim that F1 is all scripted have a new and damning piece of evidence.

This is from “Lewis Hamilton: King of the World”, one of five biographies of the rookie sensation aiming to cash in on his rapidly growing popularity. Author Frank Worrall’s Worrall background appears to be in football – I haven’t come across any other F1 books by him.

Worrall’s effort weighs in at a hefty 288 pages – those looking for a more lightweight option may wish to try Bruce Jones’s “Lewis Hamilton: The People’s Champion” published by Carlton Books and branded by British F1 broadcasters ITV Sport. Let’s hope it’s better than the painfully bad Nigel Mansell biography by the same name.

Autosport editor Andrew Van de Burgt is writing “A Portrait of Britain’s new F1 Star” to be published by Haynes. With Van de Burgt’s extensive knowledge of Hamilton’s career history this is the one I will be most interested to read.

Brian Belton is writing “A Dream Comes True” for Pennant and Gareth Rogers’s “The Story So Far” will be published by Tempus.

And of course, I’ll be hunting down copies of each and reviewing them as soon as possible…

Thankyou to Sigmund Bade for the tip.

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8 comments on “Five Hamilton books for Xmas market”

  1. I saw this on amazon. Funny about the one that predicts the future

  2. Oh dear, should have seen this coming though!

  3. That is british media at its worst for you

  4. I think Mr Worrell needs some crystal ball cleaner. The Japanese GP is in September, and unless Fernando Alonso puts in two thirds and two fourths (or worse), even Lewis winning all four races would not secure him the title by the end of the Japanese event.

  5. I hope “Lewis Hamilton: How to knit an F1 car” comes out in time for my Grannie’s birthday.

  6. I’ll wait another ten years or so I think.

  7. There are now three more Hamilton books planned in time for Christmas, bringing the total up to eight.

    The other three are “Lewis Hamilton: New kid on the grid” (Ian Stafford), “Lewis Hamilton: The full story” (Mark Hughes) and his own “My Story” which is reviewed here.

    As ever, check the books section for more reviews.

  8. This is getting embarrassing. I’ve just checked out, and it’s got 146 entries for “Lewis Hamilton” in the books section.

    Somehow, I don’t think you’ll be reviewing them all, Keith – there’s not enough time in the off-season to bother reading them all!

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