F1 in the news 48: Alonso tipped for Renault

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The bookies reckon if Fernando Alonso is to storm out of McLaren at the end of the year it will be to return to his former team Renault.

Also in the news this week, work set to begin on the Singapore street circuit and a young Canadian scoops the Gilles Villeneuve award.

Betting starts on Alonso move – Renault are the top tip to scoop the disgruntled Spaniard.

My sport: Nigel Mansell – The Daily Telegraph talks to the 1992 champion.

Young racers get advice from F1 legend Mansell – Though I suspect Henry Surtees has a similar source of advice closer to home.

Singapore to start work on F1 street circuit – Building gets underway next month on one of F1’s two new street tracks.

Singapore hotels to be charged with ‘F1-tax’ – But it’s going to be expensive to stay there…

Bourdais collects Wisconsin victory – Fresh from confirming his place at Toro Rosso for next year, Sebastien Bourdais stormed to victory at the fantastic Road America circuit.

Speed looks to race in the USA in 2008 – Meanwhile Toro Rosso exile Scott Speed is weighing up his options in the US, looking at the IRL, Champ Car World Series and NASCAR.

Murray Walker’s F1 round-upThe Sun talks to Britain’s best-loved former commentator about the 2007 season so far.

Karthikeyan predicts Indian driver boom – The Williams tester is hoping for more of his countrymen to join the upper echelons of the sport.

Wickens, Hinchcliffe win awards – Champ Car Atlantic and A1 Grand Prix driver James Hinchcliffe won the Gilles Villeneuve award.

Felipe Massa invites Fernando Alonso to charity kart race – Will there be a thaw between the two rivals after their row at the N??rburgring.

Prodrive to race 2008 McLaren – Is F1’s putative 12th F1 team about to confirm its plans?

Weighing ballast – F1 technical expert Steve Matchett on ballasting F1 cars.

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  1. The 20% tax thing for the Singaporean race makes me very glad that I can stay at my best friend’s house (which is near the centre of Singapore) if I decide to watch. Must be bad for anyone else going there, though…

  2. Can someone just cut of Mansell’s vocal cords?

  3. ALC,

    Like me. Ugh. 20%? That’s gonna be a killer. How much are the hotels there as of now anyway?

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