Prodrive set to use McLarens in 2008 – report

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Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Mercedes, Hungary, 2007, practice | Daimler ChryslerDavid Richards is expected to announce a deal next month for his new Prodrive F1 team to use this year’s McLaren chassis as the basis for their 2008 campaign.

The report in this morning’s Times claims it will spare Prodrive the ??150m cost of developing their own cars.

Richards said: “McLaren is one of three possible options for us, but they are the closest.”

Running the McLaren chassis which currently leads both championships gives the new team a strong chance of being highly competitive on its debut season.

Using a ‘customer’ chassis in this way will be legalised from 2008, although Super Aguri and Toro Rosso are widely believed to have been using chassis from other teams for the past two seasons.

Prodrive has also been tipped to run McLaren test drivers Pedro de la Rosa and Gary Paffett as its race drivers next year.

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5 comments on “Prodrive set to use McLarens in 2008 – report”

  1. If the drivers bit is true, they could be opening up on a Red Bull/Renault tier rather than a Spyker one. This is looking up.

  2. cool. would love to see more McLarens out on the track.

  3. It will be good to see Paffett in F1, but I still think F1 would be better as a whole if all the teams built their own cars.

  4. Paul Sainsbury
    24th August 2007, 20:32

    I think this is great, surely what we want to see is more cars on the grid and more racing?

  5. I sure hope this deal actually happens. More cars competing is a good thing, in my opinion.

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