Three-way title fight in Japanese F3

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With five races left in the All-Japan Formula Three series the title will likely be won by one of three drivers.

Home racer Kazuya Oshima has a seven-point lead after victories in the last three rounds. He is seven points ahead of Roberto Streit, a Brazilian driver in his fourth season of F3. Streit has five wins so far this year.

Third and 13 points behind Oshima (with up to 22 points available per round) is Britain’s Oliver Jarvis.

Jarvis, like Oshima, is in his second year of F3. He has only won once since his victory in the season opener at Fuji. But he has made 12 appearance on the podium, more than any other driver.

The championship may be finely poised but it’s over a month until the next encounter – the triple-header round at the Sendai circuit could play an important role in deciding who is champion this year.

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