F1 in the news 50: Hamilton vs Schumacher

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Bernie Ecclestone is keen to see a battle between Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher – but even his megabucks might not be enough to make it happen.

Also in the F1 news this week advertising revenue from the Turkish GP broadcast fell, speculation over the futures of Nelson Piquet Jnr and Nico Rosberg, and safety in the spotlight at Monza and Singapore.

F1 supremo dreams of Hamilton-Schumi duel – Bernie Ecclestone wants to see Michael Schumacher return to take on Lewis Hamilton.

Advertisement sector unable to benefit from F1, gears down – The home broadcast of the Turkish Grand Prix saw a fall in advertisers this year. Crowd numbers on race day also looked thin.

F1 Lewis roars onto hit list – Hamilton named one of the 100 most influential black people.

All possible measures taken to ensure safety of F1 race: DPM Wong
– The Singaporean Deputy Prime Minister has given assurances that next year’s inaugural Singapore Grand Prix circuit will meet safety standards.

F1 drivers win fight over Monza run-off
– Meanwhile the GPDA’s demands for revisions to the Monza circuit have been met.

Piquet and Renault – Nelson Piquet Jnr to take Giancarlo Fisichella’s place at Renault next year?

Coverage of Hamilton ‘disturbing’ says Dennis – The McLaren team boss added his voice to the criticism of tabloid coverage of Lewis Hamilton’s private life.

Ecclestone chooses QPR over Arsenal – Bernie Ecclestone to join in Flavio Briatore’s take over over English football team Queen’s Park Rangers instead of Arsenal?

Williams set for big step up in 2008, says Rosberg – Keke’s son planning to stick with the Grove team next year.

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  1. Hamilton v Schumi ….Possibly could be billed as Snoopy vs The Red Baron….

  2. Michael has nothing left to prove. He is the greatest an always will be !

  3. How pathtic can you get and what exactly is this suppose prove. Perhaps Mr. E should dream about ways of pulling F1 of the free fall it’s in before in turns in a fireball…man o man what next?

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