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The Champ Car World Series is back in Europe so catch it while you can. But what on earth are they doing at a bike track?

Plus German and British tin-top action and the Indy Racing League title races to a climax on the streets of Detroit.

There’s no F1 this weekend, but there’s plenty of other stuff to watch.

Champ Car World Series, Assen

The second part of the Champ Car World Series’ European double-header take the teams to Assen in the Netherlands. It’s the home of ex-Red Bull driver and championship front runner Robert Doornbos.

It’s a guarantee he’ll be giving his all especially as the cancellation of the final race of the year at Pheonix now means he has only three races to try to overhaul F1-bound Sebastien Bourdais’ championship lead.

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Indy Racing League, Belle Isle

How’s this for championship twists: series leader loses win when he’s taken out by his team mate, and falls to second place in the championship with two races to go.

That’s just what happened to Dario Franchitti when he was knocked out of the lead at Infineon Raceway last weekend by Marco Andretti. Scott Dixon won the race and took the lead in the championship.

The next round takes place on the punishing streets of Belle Isle, Detroit – and the championship finale follows just one week later.

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BTCC, Knockhill

Another championship reaching an exciting climax is the British Touring Car Championship which makes its annual trip to Kncokhill this weekend.

Fabrizio Giovanardi continued his fight back against Jason Plato at Brands Hatch in the previous round, but Plato is hanging on grimly to his ever-diminishing lead. Both are driving at the peak of their abilities and the three races at Knockhill should serve up even more drama.

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DTM & F3 Euroseries, N??rburgring

The last round of the DTM series was very disappointing, as Audi’s Alexandre Premat twice let Martin Tomcyk past to win. The crowd were not impressed by the spectacle of flagrant race-fixing.

Hopefully Mercedes will be closer at the N??rburgring and we’ll be spared a repeat of such shenanigans.

Romain Grosjean has the championship and although Nico H??lkenberg is starting to look strong the German is quite a way behind in the championship. Sebastien Buemi is a close second – but might his recent appearances in GP2 have put him off his stride?

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What motor racing are you watching this weekend? Are you off to a track somewhere? Let us know below…

Photo: GEPA / Sebastian Krauss

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  1. and there is also final race of the Formula BMW UK at Knockhill (Scotland) with a three way title battle

  2. and word is, unless you live outside the u.s. the irl is all you can watch. this is so not fair.

  3. You can watch Champ Car…

    …yes, it is not fair.

  4. here in oz all we get is champcar!
    at 2am on a monday night!

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