F1 in the blogs 41: The Ralf row

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Ralf Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Hungaroring, 2007 | Toyota MediaCatch up on the latest from the world of F1 blogging.

This week people are talking about F1 Racing slating Ralf Schumacher again, the merits of NASCAR versus Formula 1, visiting the Turkish Grand Prix and… erm… hamburgers.

F1 Fanatic’s Post of the Week

Ralf Vs. Bishop, Paddock & World
Always keeping a close eye on what the media has to say, The Formula 1 Blog offers some interesting thoughts on that confrontation between Ralf Schumacher and F1 Racing editor in chief Matt Bishop.

More F1 in the blogs

F1 versus NASCAR – A highly original perspective on the two disciplines with some interesting religious observations.

Do you want fried with thatSidepodcast spotted a very amusing McDonalds advert done by Williams.

F1 Races – Some thoughts from an F1 fan who went to the race at Istanbul. I went to the Turkish Grand Prix last year.

DFV turns Four Oh – Sadly the venerable Cosworth power plant fell one year short of its 40th anniversary.

The enjoyment of Formula 1 – Clive of F1 Insight takes on our very own Ben Evans.

Prost Jnr joins A1 Team France – Alain Prost’s son Nicolas Prost set to represent his country in A1 Grand Prix. (Read more about F1 drivers’ sons and daughters in motor racing).

Alejandro Agag – Some details on the man looking to invest in Super Aguri – or possibly Prodrive.

Photo: Toyota Media

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