Champ Car Assen: Tactical win for Wilson

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Justin Wilson broke his ’07 victory duck in the second Champ Car race in Europe at Assen in the Netherlands.

The Briton hit the front after the final round of stops. Bruno Junqueira had been in the lead but his early final stop saw him fall down the order.

Jan Heylen followed Wilson home with Junqeira in third, giving Dale Coyne Racing a second consecutive podium finish.

Sebastien Bourdais fell back early in the race after his pit lane speed limited was activated when he hit the push-to-pass button.

Race control subsequently instructed all drivers not to use the push-to-pass button for fear of causing a crash. That made passing even more difficult at the twisty Assen circuit.

Bourdais finished seventh behind Tristan Gommendy, Neel Jani and Simon Pagenaud and will have to wait for another day to claim a fourth consecutive Champ Car title.

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