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It’s one of the most famous clips of F1 video – indeed, of any sport.

Nelson Piquet launched a barrage of punches at Eliseo Salazar after the backmarker took him out of the lead of the 1982 German Grand Prix.

But what I’d never seen before was an equally entertaining video of another F1 fight – from the very same year. Here it is.

This time it’s a pair of the sports lesser lights – Chico Serra and Raul Boesel – going at it in the pit lane at the Canadian Grand Prix. Serra claimed Boesel had blocked him during qualifying.

Advisory: The video below includes a highlights clip from that race which also includes some footage of the accident that killed Ricardo Paletti.

On the (unlikely) chance that you’ve never seen the Piquet-Salazar fight before, here’s the video:

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  • 3 comments on “Video: F1’s other great punch-up”

    1. F1 viewing figures would have increased tenfold if Lewis had just attacked Alonso after that Hungary debacle

    2. I have got to find a way to give up my day job. Both bits of footage were priceless and unfortunately the Boesel/Serra (hadn’t seen that before) edited in with the Paletti incident or it would have made my day. Would that someone had a camera rolling when Derek Daly and Michael Roe went at it. I still have a magazine cartoon of that lurking somewhere. I hope.

      Thanks for the links. It’s easier than mucking out the intenet when insomnia hits.

    3. Piquets kick HAHA!! ow my lungs hurt, all the clip needs is the “everybodys kung-fu fighting” song and it’d be great.

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