“Champion: Fangio” (DVD, 2002)

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It’s fifty years since Juan Manuel Fangio won his fifth and final world championship.

It took until 2003 for Michael Schumacher to surpass his haul of championship victories.

He may have raced at the dawn of the world championship but a fair amount of footage of the great Argentinian’s career does exist. Plenty of which is included in this excellent video biography.

This DVD is actually a reproduction of “A Pirelli Tribute”, which was produced in 1991.

Fittingly it is introduced by Stirling Moss, Fangio’s team mate at Mercedes when he won the world championship in 1955.

As well as an interview with Moss there are portions filmed with Fangio as the original film pre-dates his death in 1995.

There is also some contemporary footage and narration from Fangio brings these fragmented but fascinating clips to life.

One sequence that showed Fangio being patted rather over-affectionately on the face after another gruelling race made me wince!

There’s well over an hour and a half of material here which is very good value for money. The “Fangio” DVD stands out as one of the best of the “Champions” series.

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