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Both championships swung in McLaren’s favour at the Italian Grand Prix, putting Ferrari under pressure as the championship heads towards the final European round.

Here are the facts and statistics from the European Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso scored his first ever win in the Italian Grand Prix. He has now won at least once in every race on the 2007 calendar, with the exceptions of Belgium (not on the calendar last year) and Brazil.

The drivers’ and constructors’ championships now have a very uniform look. In the constructors’ title McLaren lead Ferrari, BMW, Renault, Williams, Red Bull, Toyota, Super Aguri and Honda. Each of their pairs of drivers follow the same order in the drivers’ championship, apart from Rubens Barrichello and Anthony Davidson, who are yet to score, and Sebastian Vettel, following his single appearance for BMW.

Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa
exchanged places in the drivers’ championship for the fifth race in succession.

Jenson Button scored Honda’s first point since the French Grand Prix, and got into the final part of qualifying for the first time since the Monaco Grand Prix.

There are still five drivers in the running for the title with four races remaining. But Nick Heidfeld’s chances are exceptionally slim – he would have to win every remaining race with Hamilton not scoring, and no-one else overhauling Hamilton, to win the title.

Massa suffered his first mechanically-induced retirement of the year. His only other failure to finish this year was his disqualification from the Canadian Grand Prix.

It was Ferrari’s third such failure this year, while both McLaren drivers have finished every race so far, as has Renault’s Heikki Kovalainen.

Alexander Wurz has made up more places on average in each race than any other driver (3.85). However, that is at least in part because his average qualifying position is much worse than team mate Nico Rosberg’s: 14.77 versus 9.38.

Only two drivers have finished lower than their starting position on average: Jarno Trulli and Robert Kubica.

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3 comments on “2007 Italian GP Facts & Statistics”

  1. Your “specs” on Alex Wurz were interesting as I had done similar the same search on Sato and Davidson just last night.
    Davidson’s average start 15.3
    Sato’s average start 16.6 but Sato improves more during the races, Sato’s average finish 13.5
    Davidson’s average finish 13.9
    But what can you tell from statistics? Sato and Davidson finish with nearly the same average but Sato has all the team points!!!!! The reason, Sato is INCONSISTENT, good on some days, good enough for points, bad on other days, bad enough to drag down is average.
    Personally I think Davidson is the better driver but he is very timid in starting traffic almost always looses places on the first lap. In the open he drives well, as well as you can in a Super Aguri!!!

  2. To see the good old Sato, check back the last race in Spa in 2005 and his intermezzo with Schumi :-) I want that Sato back :-)

  3. I DON’T want that Sato back. You’re right, Number 38. Sato is erratic (but less so than in previous years.) But remember, it’s the top-8 finishes that count, so at this point, Sato and Super Aguri are ideal for each other, because I don’t see Sato achieving this much in better teams against better teammates.

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