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Here’s the first batch of photos from my visit to the Italian Grand Prix.

These were taken on Friday practice and include several of the drivers in action plus some scenic shots of the circuit and fans.

Alexander Wurz exits the Variante Ascari in Friday morning practice.

David Coulthard in the Ascari chicane.

The home crowd seemed more fond of Felipe Massa than Ferrari team mate Kimi Raikkonen.

Michael Schumacher still attracts plenty of support. These fans superimposed pictures of their own heads onto portraits of the German.

The crumbling concrete first turn of the old banked track hides behind the safety barriers and advertising hoardings of the first chicane on the current circuit.

The oval disappears into the woodland of the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza.

The popular Robert Kubica thumps over the curves at the Variante della Roggia.

Lewis Hamilton enters the Variante della Roggia in second practice on Friday.

Fans risk limb (and life!) perched on the concrete wall overlooking the Curva Grande.

Hamilton at speed at the Curva Grande.

The teams’ trucks parked on the inside of the circuit.

A marshal snaps a photograph of his own from an unrivalled vantage point.

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  1. We’re (well, I am at least) all very interested to know what you finally settled on for the message on your Italian GP banner!?

  2. Great pictures so far, I went to Monza in 2003 and the atmosphere and passion of the tifosi makes it a great race to go too. Can you visit the banking of the old Monza oval when the F1 is not on?

  3. I am sure Keith was so overwhelmed with our massive list of VERY witty suggestions for his banner that he couldn’t make the choice and settled for “I LOVE RALF”

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