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Italian Grand Prix, Monza, start, 2007, 3My final set of pictures from the Italian Grand Prix – the race itself.

Sadly I’ve not got any pictures of Lewis Hamilton’s pass on Kimi Raikkonen – the crowd moved too quickly for me!

Here’s a selection of images from before, during and after the main event.

Monza crowd

No question where the crowd’s allegiances lie…


One of F1’s more bizarre spectacles – the drivers being dragged around on the back of a flatbed truck before the race.

Italian Grand Prix, Monza, start, 2007, 2

The race gets underway and Lewis Hamilton tries to re-gain second place around the outside of Felipe Massa.

Italian Grand Prix, Monza, start, 2007, 3

The two make the merest of contact but it’s enough to send Hamilton over the inside of the corner. He keeps the position, however.

David Coulthard, Anthony Davidson, Ralf Schumacher, Takuma Sato, Monza, 2007

Four drivers queue up – but David Coulthard at the front of the pack didn’t last long, crashing out on the second lap.

Monza crowd 2

The crowd suffered early disappointment as Massa retired.

Jenson Button, Nico Rosberg, Monza, 2007

Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg entertained the crowd with a fantastic battle, Rosberg finally prevailing.

Anthony Davidson, Giancarlo Fisichella, Monza, 2007

Anthony Davidson passed Giancarlo Fisichella early on and his team urged him to take back the place. Fisichella eventually got ahead via the fuel stops.

Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Monza, 2007

It got worse for the crowd when Raikkonen’s gamble on a single pit stop failed to grab him the lead – and he was passed by Hamilton for second.

Monza crowd 3

Despondent Ferrari fans made an early exit soon after Hamilton’s pass.

Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Mercedes, Monza, 2

Fernando Alonso celebrated a dominant performance – pole position, fastest lap and victory.

Jenson Button, Honda, Monza, 2007, 2

Button hung on to give Honda their second point of the year with eighth.

Monza crowd 4

The fans helped themselves to some souveneirs.

Monza crow 5

And headed up the track towards the podium. Sadly we were not able to get to the podium celebration – but it’s top of the list for my next visit to Monza!

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