Ron Dennis revealed evidence against McLaren to FIA

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In another twist in the espionage scandal it has emerged that Ron Dennis informed the FIA about some of the evidence used against his team in yesterday’s hearing.

In a statement today Dennis said: “Once I became aware that new evidence might exist, which I did on the morning of the Hungarian Grand Prix, I immediately phoned the FIA to keep them informed.”

It seems likely that this was the crucial evidence concerning his drivers’ emails and may have involved a dispute with Fernando Alonso.

A series of emails between Alonso, Pedro de la Rosa and Mike Coughlan were used in establishing McLaren’s guilt in yesterday’s hearing.

It now seems that Dennis alerted the FIA to the existence of these e-mails on August 5th (the day of the Hungarian Grand Prix). Whether or not they knew of them already is unclear.

What is known is that Alonso and the team were involved in a bitter dispute that weekend over qualifying, in which Lewis Hamilton refused to obey an instruction to let Alonso pass him, and Alonso reacted by blocking Hamilton and preventing him from completing his pole position lap.

Could Alonso have threatened to reveal his evidence to the FIA, and did Dennis go to them with it first in an attempt to pre-empt Alonso in the hope of mitigating a punishment for the team?

It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but in the light of today’s extraordinary revelations it would not sound so surprising.

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5 comments on “Ron Dennis revealed evidence against McLaren to FIA”

  1. It does sound like a conspiracy theory. Last week it was Alonso and PdlR that tipped off the FIA. It’ll be Lewis Hamilton next week…

  2. And Neale was the second shooter on the grassy knoll…

  3. What a dirty, greedy backstabber Alonso has turned out to be if this is true. He’s image will be tainted for ever and especally if he wins the Championchip.

  4. Oh I forgot, of course he is a cheat as well.

  5. How can he still talk? After illicitly spying and collecting information to confer a dishonest and fraudolent sporting advantage he should quitly disappear.
    His reputation is destroyed and he did a great damnage to all racing sport.
    How can Alonso or Hamilton win the Championship now? Only because of their cooperation they were allowed to keep the points!! Their victory due to a fraud has no sense and sporting value.

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