Ferrari win 2007 constructors’ championship

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Ferrari’s one-two in the Belgian Grand Prix gives them victory in this year’s constructors’ championship.

The Italian team had trailed McLaren before the British team were excluded from the championship for using confidential Ferrari information.

McLaren’s disqualification left Ferrari far ahead of new second placed team BMW. Links below.

Photo: Ferrari Media

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3 comments on “Ferrari win 2007 constructors’ championship”

  1. Constructors Standings:
    1/2 Mclaren
    3/4 Ferrari
    5/6 BMW
    7/8 Renault
    9/10 Williams
    11/12 Red Bull
    13/14 Toyota
    And only 2 to 7 points separating any pair of team drivers (BMW excepted). It doesn’t take a university education to see a good driver can not make a bad car finish well, and even a poor driver in a good car will finish well. Trulli in a Ferrari would likely stand 3rd or 4th, Alonso in a Red Bull would likely stand 11th or 12th. It’s the cars that are producing the results. Any Surprise?
    This ought to get a chat going !!!!

  2. One thing to point out, Nico Rosberg is only 2 points behind Fisichella now and will probably overtake him in the championship.

    Otherwise yea, it’s the car that decides, like always.

  3. The current standings should come as no surprise, considering that contemporary F1 cars are virtually devoid of any means for a good driver to show his superiority over a lesser driver, or more acurately, a lesser driver to show his inferiority. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a driver miss a gear change, or give it too much gas and spin out. And if a driver does go off track, he can simply drive back on!

    Still, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such uniformity in the standings before, with all the team-mates paired up like this. Pretty ho-hum stuff.

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