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The stats from the Belgian Grand Prix make depressing reading if you’re not a Ferrari fan.

But while the red team wrapped up the constructors’ championship – appeals notwithstanding – the figures underline that the racing is hardly unpredictable these days.

Only on three occasions has the driver leading at the end of lap one failed to win the race.

Ferrari locked out the front row of the grid for the first time this year, halting McLaren’s 14-race streak of front row starts.

Kimi Raikkonen won his third consecutive Belgian Grand Prix. If he wins again next year he will tie with Jim Clark and Ayrton Senna for the most consecutive wins in the race. Apart from these three, Michael Schumacher is the only driver to have won the race three times in a row, from 1995-7. However, he was disqualified from the 1994 event having finished first.

Nico Rosberg overtook Alexander Wurz for ninth in the drivers’ championship. The German has scored on six occasions this year (including the last four races), the Austrian three times.

Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso both started their 100th Grands Prix. (Each reached the tally of 100 participations earlier in the year).

Adrian Sutil ended a race with more classified running drivers behind him than ever before – three (both Super Aguris and his team mate Sakon Yamamoto).

Pending any further appeals, Ferrari are the 2007 constructors’ champions. BMW are virtually guaranteed second, 51 points ahead of Renault with 54 left to be won.

Seven different drivers have finished on the podium places so far this year. There were 12 different podium finishers in 2006.

Raikkonen’s 13th career win puts him level with two drivers: David Coulthard and two-times world champion Alberto Ascari. He also scored his 14th pole position – the same number as James Hunt, Raikkonen’s pseudonym of choice, Ascari again, and Ronnie Peterson.

It was the 11th time in 14 races this year that the driver in the lead at the end of lap one went on to win the race, and the 10th time the pole sitter was also the winner.

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  1. Did anyone else think things seemed a little frosty between Massa and Kimi? From the time they got out of the cars through the post race interview I don’t think they looked at each other even once.

    It was sort of a dull race for the most part, though. Loved Alonso channeling Schumacher at the start.

  2. Polesitter wins 10 of 14 times and we know that on Saturday, leaves Sunday open to mow the lawn, go fishing, polish the car.

  3. ……… a NASCAR race !!

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