RIP Grand Prix Masters?

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Grand Prix Masters, the single seater series for ex-F1 drivers, will face a winding-up petition from its chassis supplier in November.

GP Masters has held three races since 2005. The first two at former Grand Prix venue Kyalami in South Africa, and Losail International Circuit in Qatar, were won by Nigel Mansell.

The third race at SIlverstone was won by Eddie Cheever.

But race at Silverstone was hit by a spate of engine failures, a round planned for Monza was cancelled due to complaints about noise, and a new calendar was planned for this year.

Over a year has passed since that final Silverstone round and no news has appeared on its official site since April.

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6 comments on “RIP Grand Prix Masters?”

  1. I had a look the other day hoping to see a race i could go to but looks like its been abandoned :(

  2. Noise complaints at Monza? These must be some seriously loud cars.

    I think a series like this should tour with F1. How cool would it be to see your past and present F1 heroes racing at the same place on the same weekend? Although, it could be a problem if the older guys put on a better show…

  3. Kind of a shame. I think it could have grown into something quite good. Didn’t have the driver line-up to capture the imagination though, even with Mansell. Prost probably did the right thing in never quite getting involved. I wonder if any of the drivers will end up in the new Speedcar series.

  4. It’s very sad, cause they had nice races.. that first race was really great to watch!
    And I do think touring with the F1 circus would be awesome! (not all races, just a few. Definatly at the classic tracks like Spa and Monza)

  5. It’s a sad news.
    I would like to see a race with same tires, chassis, engine supplier, leaving to the team just the set up for the car so we could appreciatte the drivers skills.
    I am a fanatic of F1 but GP Masters and specially GP2 are great fun.

  6. ferrox.glideh
    31st July 2014, 18:02

    Reading about complaints of excessive engine noise at Monza is a great irony. In the far flung future of 2014, we have heard the error of our ways. RIP Grand Prix Masters.

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