F3 Euro Barcelona 2: Van der Zande’s first win

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Renger van der Zande took his first Formula Three victory after a pile-up at the start of the second race at Barcelona eliminated several competitors.

Race one winner Edoardo Mortara was taken out in the crash along with Edoardo Piscopo, Tim Sandtler, Marco Holzer, Cyndie Allemann, Jonathan Summerton, Michael Patrizi, Basil Shaaban and Jean-Karl Vernay.

That left van der Zande in a lead he was never to lose. Tom Dillman finished second and Franck Mailleux impressively battled past Filip Salaquarda and Dani Clos to take third.

Fourth went to Clos ahead of Salaquarda, who spent the final lap defending his position very robustly from Sebastien Buemi. Buemi had passed James Jakes for sixth, and the final championship point, after a race long battle.

Championship leader Romain Grosjean failed to score again but a generally poor weekend for Buemi as well means that Grosjean still has a five point advantage in the championship with four races remaining.

Photo: F3 Euroseries Media

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