WTCC Brands 1: Easy win for Menu

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Chevrolet’s Alain Menu cruised to a straightforward win from pole position at Brands Hatch. Behind him were James Thompson and BTCC racer Colin Turkington, also in the same positions they started.

Jordi Gene sacrificed third place to Turkington so that he could let Yvan Muller in the other diesel Seat finish fourth. Gene ended the race fifth ahead of Rob Huff.

Behind Huff was a fourth Briton – Andy Priaulx, who picked up more useful championship points. Eighth went to Pierre-Yves Courthals and Felix Porteiro was ninth, claiming the final championship point as Turkington’s car is ineligible.

Priaulx’s title rivals Augusto Farfus and Jorg Muller were 11th and 14th respectively, the latter being involved in a crash at the start that caused a safety car period.

Photo: GM Media

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