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I was very happy to be the subject of Sidepodcast’s first ever interview over the weekend – head over to their site to hear the show in full.

Make sure you sign up to their regular podcast which is definitely worth a listen – I always have them on while I’m getting the dishes done…

We talked about the espionage scandal (what else?), the overtaking argument, FIA goons, prospects for the drivers championship – and predictions for who’s going to win. Links below and please do leave me some feedback if you’ve listened to the cast.

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4 comments on “F1Fanatic on Sidepodcast”

  1. Eyoop, lad, reckon we knows now you’re from t’ North. A wonderful thing, regional accents. ;)

    In case you’re wondering, I’m a Midlander – neither one thing nor t’other. But you’d never guess from my accent…

  2. when reading today the “Alonso to Ferrari, Massa to Toyota” rumours, I was wondering about the same thing as you on this podcast … why would Alonso want to have Raikkonen as a team mate …

    do you really think that Alonso not being on the grid next year is a real possibility?

  3. I am a northerner – from Salford – and several years living down south have happily not eroded my accent yet…

    I do think Alonso not being on the grid next year is a possibility but I do think he’d rather stay racing with a top team. I’d far rather see him stay at McLaren and drop all this nonsense about having number one status – it’s not going to happen, certainly not at McLaren.

  4. Got to hand it to these Sidepodcast people. Their podcasts of race previews and overviews are the best out there.

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