F1 in the blogs 43: Visiting Fuji

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Want to find out what the Fuji Speedway is like to visit? Check out this week’s top post.

Plus, David Coulthard is wearing Colin McRae’s helmet as a tribute – check out the design, Stepneygate the film and history repeating itself in Macau.

F1 Fanatic’s Post of the Week

A visit to the Fuji Speedway, Japan

Head over to Rediscover F1 to check out this excellent guide to the new Fuji Speedway by a fan who’s visited their recently.

More F1 in the Blogs

New Formula 1 Movie – With Kimi Raikkonen as ‘The Guy in the Gorilla Suit’

Alonso to Ferrari… again – Axis of Oversteer smartly noticed out that the News of the World’s headline-grabber about Alonso going to Ferrari was a recycled story that had appeared in a Spanish publication in August.

Sir Jackie Stewart – F1 drivers need coaching – It happens in other sports, so why not in F1?

Singapore track approved in principle – 20% of the circuit will be purpose-built and the organisers still plan to hold the race at night.

Daniel Audetto at home in Suzuka – The former Ferrari principal (now at Super Aguri) talks about the fateful race at Fuji in 1976, when his driver Niki Lauda lost the world championship to McLaren’s James Hunt.

Do you think F1 drivers are pompous asses? – Scott Speed’s first NASCAR test raised a few eyebrows…

Max and the manufacturers again – F1 Insight wants Mosley out: “The time for one man’s personal opinions to rule over the fortunes of huge companies is over.” His terms expires two years from next month…

Senna to contest Macau – Bruno Senna (Ayrton’s nephew) will race in the prestigious Macau F3 race as his uncle did when he won it in 1983.

Discovering Mount Fuji – The Renault team takes a walk around the new track. (Requires commenters to register)

F1 Racing – Unsubscribe or not? – Do you get the monthly F1 Racing magazine? What do you think of it?

FIA site redesign for 2008 – Sidepodcast (who interviewed me last week) get a sneak peek at the new FIA site.

Celebrating New F1Wolf.com Design With $100 Competition – It’s redesign fever! Name the driver in the picture and win a prize from F1 Wolf.

McRae helmet vom Coulthard – Fotos – David Coulthard’s one-off helmet in tribute to late rally champion Colin McRae looks the business.

A1GP likely to get Ferrari engines, committed to biofuel future – A1 Grand Prix’s use of biofuels has been expected for some time but, as the series enters its third season, new speculation mounts that it will use Ferrari engines too.

Photo: GEPA / Mathias Kniepeiss

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