GP2 Valencia Feature: Petrov leads Campos 1-2

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Timo Glock is set to claim the GP2 title in tomorrow’s sprint race after edging further clear of rival Lucas di Grassi in the sprint race at Valencia today. Glock finished seventh in a race that began in damp conditions and saw di Grassi spin off early on.

Campos Racing scored a one-two win with Vitaly Petrov scoring his maiden GP2 win over Giorgio Pantano. However the pair nearly caused a major crash by slowing down as they approached the finishing line at the end of the race, causing third-placed Kazuki Nakajima to hit Pantano.

Marcos Martinez rose from 19th to finish fourth ahead of Borja Garcia and Andy Soucek, who spent the final lap holding Glock at bay.

Javier Villa finished eighth and claimed pole position for the sprint race for the fourth time this year. He moved up into the position late in the race after Luca Filippi spun off.

Glock now holds a four point advantage over di Grassi in the championship with six available tomorrow. With Glock starting on the front row and di Grassi 23rd, the German’s chances of wrapping up the title look very strong indeed.

Photo: Drew Gibson / GP2 Media Service

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