A1GP Zandvoort feature: Jarvis wins for Britain

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Oliver Jarvis was every bit as impressive in the feature race as Adrian Zaugg was in the sprint.

He moved ahead of early leader Zaugg at the first round of pit stops and was untouchable after then

But while the race at the front was settled early there were plenty of battles for the rest of the points paying positions.

Adrian Zaugg stayed in the lead from pole position ahead of Christan Vietoris while Oliver Jarvis kept Loic Duval behind him at Tarzan.

On lap four Jarvis got ahead of Vietoris for second and quickly hauled in the leader in the South African car.

The British team brought Jarvis into the pits along with Vietoris at the earliest opportunity, keeping Jarvis ahead of the German and allowing him to take the lead from Zaugg when the South African pitted a few laps later.

Vietories began to slip back after his pit stop and was passed by Mexico’s Salvador Duran, who later took fourth off Jonny Reid.

Duval was also moving forward, taking Ireland’s Ralph Firman for seventh and then going around the outside for Vietoris at Tarzan for sixth.

Vietoris was then passed by Jeroen Bleekemolen and Firman who were swapping places between themselves. Duval got stuck briefly behind Reid, allowing Bleekemolen to catch him, before the Frenchman finally got past Reid.

Jarvis and Zaugg made their second pit stops together and a slight delay for Zaugg allowed Jarvis to stretch his lead to nine seconds.

Reid, Bleekemolen and Firman also pitted together and resumed in the same order, before Firman got back around Bleekemolen once again, to the disappointment of the crowd.

Vietoris seemed to find his third set of tyres more to hisliking and caught Bleekemolen once again in the dying stages, but it was too late to wrest eighth from the Dutchman.

Jarvis took a fine win but Zaugg’s second along with his sprint race victory puts South Africa in the early lead of the championship.

Neel Jani was third for Switzerland after a quiet race, followed by Duran, Duval and Firman, whose race came alive in the second half. Bleekemolen, eighth, couldn’t repeat his sprint race podium from his poor start position, but kept Vietoris behind to the flag.

The Czech Republic’s Erik Janis was tenth ahead of his home race at Brno in two weeks time.

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