GP2 Valencia Sprint: Glock wins race and title

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Timo Glock has won the 2007 GP2 championship after cruising to his fifth win of the year in the final race of the year at Valencia.

The German was never headed as Brazilian title rival Lucas di Grassi struggled to make progress through the field.

Glock, test driver for the BMW F1 team who made four starts for Jordan in F1 in 2004, is the third GP2 champion, joining Nico Rosberg (2005) and Lewis Hamilton (2006).

It took two attempts to get the race started – the original start was aborted as Mikhail Aleshin stalled. The Russian, taking the second ART seat for the weekend as Sebastien Buemi raced in the F3 Euroseries.

Glock made exactly the start he needed, edging ahead of pole sitter Javier Villa before moving across to take his normal line for turn one. After then he was free to lap as he pleased, never troubled by Villa behind him.

Villa’s team mate Marcos Martinez took third but slithered off at the final turn on lap three. He was then hit by Alexandre Negrao a couple of corners later as Negrao battle with Karun Chandhok.

Title rival di Grassi, meanwhile, made a scorching start to rise from 21st to 15th on lap one. But he quickly got stuck behind Glock’s team mate Andreas Zuber and struggled to make any further progress.

Spa-Francorchamps sprint winner Chandhok had a poor race, slithering off at the last corner before rejoining on lap 18. Three laps later he lost his Durango car under braking and slid backwards into Markus Niemela, eliminating the BCN driver as well.

It was a processional race much of the time but Glock’s victory was emphatic – leading every lap as well as setting fastest lap.

Villa finished second ahead of Andy Soucek and Borja Garcia. Giorgio Pantano took fifth and Luca Filippi was sixth after race one winner Vitaly Petrov went off.

Petrov finished eighth behind Kazuki Nakajima. Behind them were Mike Conway, Filipe Albuquerque, Ho Pin Tung, Zuber and the defeated di Grassi 13th.

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