Alonso and Hamilton want split

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Fernando Alonso:

I’d be delighted if I didn’t carry on with Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton:

I’d much rather it were Fernando at Ferrari and me at McLaren.

But it looks ever more likely that Alonso will return to Renault rather than switch to Ferrari.

Renault boss Flavio Briatore has admitted he wants Alonso back in his team and suggested the Spaniard is able to leave his McLaren contract.

Alonso ruled out taking a sabbatical next season, which had been rumoured.

And Ferrari’s Jean Todt stated that Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa will continue driving for the team next year.

If Alonso does go to Renault, it will surely spell the end for Giancarlo Fisichella, who is lagging behind rookie team mate Heikki Kovalainen this year, the Finn having just scored the team’s first podium of 2007.

But who will take Alonso’s place at McLaren? Germans Nico Rosberg and Timo Glock could be in the frame, or McLaren’s test drivers Pedro de la Rosa or Gary Paffett.

The British press have excitedly suggested that it might be Jenson Button – but surely the team would not want two British drivers?

Vitantonio Liuzzi has no drive for next year. Nor does Ralf Schumacher, who’s just been dropped by Toyota.

Giedo van der Garde, who is on the same driver development programme that Hamilton was, is Spyker’s test driver but has had a poor year in World Series by Renault and surely isn’t ready for F1 yet.

Other test drivers looking for a race drive are Christian Klien (Honda) and – tantalisingly – Hamilton’s GP2 rival Nelson Piquet Jnr (Renault). Mika Hakkinen tested for McLaren last winter, but didn’t seem to do very well. The twice-champion currently races for Mercedes in the DTM.

As for Alonso and Hamilton, it’s all a fair cry from the days of their pally Mercedes advert together isn’t it? We may have another of those classic Senna-Prost rivalries on our hands…

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25 comments on “Alonso and Hamilton want split”

  1. Well Hakkinen must be a bit bored of DTM by now.. ;)

    Seriously, I think if I were Ron and had any leverage (ie, I needed to excuse Alonso the the rest of his contract) I’d be asking for Kovalinen in return.
    And we all know Ron’s got a bit of a soft-spot for Finns, so I wouldn’t be so surprised to see that happen.

  2. You know, they are both adults, I wouldnt want to employ a non team player. Both of these children seem to think they are bigger than the team.
    Fernando seems to wind up Lewis, who slates him regularly then tries to say he was misquoted.
    I think it is hilarious. Fernando for Ferrari, Gary Paffett for Mclaren!

  3. Kovy and Lewis would be great. That way Alonso and the professional numter two, Fisico, can carry on…

  4. Where is Verstappen on the list? ;)

  5. It makes no sense for Alonso to go anywhere but Ferrari – he already knows all their secrets.

  6. Can you imagine what a battle we might get if they both are in different teams!
    And that when both are going for the title! :)

    great :)

  7. Oh I hope McLaren ditch Alonso and next year when Lewis only gets three points and Alonso wins another title, they look like complete fools.

  8. even with alonso again I dont think Renault will be competitive with the top teams again. but we shall see… i hope alonso doesnt go to renault because id like to be able to root for them.

  9. I would not say Renault will not be competitive … They struggled this year, because of the tyre switch and because of the problems with their wind tunnel…. But:
    a) Ferrari struggled in 2005 big way, the final results of that season are a bit distorted by their free 18 Indy points… They made it back…
    b) Next year will be a bit a more about driver quality with traction control gone. Good driver can squeeze extra performance from a car.

    I can see why Flavio would like to have Alonso back, and I can see why Alonso would not mind… The suggestion at the top of this discussion, about McLaren asking for Heikki in exchange is quite interesting…

  10. Better for these two to be in two different teams. That will be great for F1 but the problem is where does Alonso go assuming he is the one to leave?

  11. Hi, I like to see Alonso leave McLaren also. I think he should join Toyato to replace Ralf.

    I don’t think his as good as Hamilton. I really dislike his dirty tricks at McLaren.

  12. For sheer drama it would be more interesting if Alonso somehow stayed with McLaren. But obviously that isn’t going to happen. ;)

  13. What do you think about Jenson going to Maclaren? two brits in a Brit team, what a year that would be!

  14. It would definitely be nice to see Jenson at the front end of the grid again.

  15. Nathan Jones
    2nd October 2007, 8:58

    honestly, who would b stupid enuff to sign Button? he only boes back on it a week later!
    i’d like to see Rosberg V Hamilton!

  16. Thinking about it, if Alonso does go they may well put de la Rosa in the car to keep Banco Santander on-side. After all, they don’t need to lose any more money this year.

  17. I think best chance for Alonso is Renault, remember Fisico used to be 4th or 5th when Alonso used to be first, beatting guys like Raikkonen and Mr Schumacher, notthing less than Schumi.
    Of course Hamilton is a great driver, but as great as Kubica, Kova, rosberg, and many others, What do you think this guys may have done with the Mc Laren?, Next year pressure on Ham is going to be tremendous, we will see how he supports it….

  18. I agree with Uk – if Alonso leaves, then Hamilton is going to be the clear teamleader number 1 driver so all the focus will be on him.

    Had McLaren not signed Alonso for this season then I doubt very much Ron would’ve promoted Hamilton to a race seat so soon as he would be unlikely to trust Hamilton to set up the car properly.

    So from that point of view I would suggest a test driver will get the nod to drive alongside him to help with that side of things.

  19. Has anyone thought that Mclaren could put Alonso into the Prodrive team as a “punishment” that also keeps Alsono under contract yet out of Ron’s hair (not much left after all!) and also splits Hamilton and Alonso up nicely. DLR could then switch across for Santander and help LH with setup.

  20. I really doubt that Ron can put Alonso in a Prodrive car without breaking the contract. What I think is funny is that Alonso has made comments about honouring his contract and staying for next year. I’m not completely convinced he is leaving. Why hasn’t it been anounced already if he would.

  21. William Wilgus
    2nd October 2007, 17:31

    Well, it certainly will show how un-professional about the matter I am, but I don’t like either Alonso or Hamilton, and if I were Ron, I’d get rid of both of them as not being `team players’.

  22. its possible that alonso and kubica drive for BMW and nick goes to mclaren..mclaren took kimi insted of nick a few yrs back when they were both driving for alonso an kubica are good friends..

  23. this may sound sad but i dont really care!

    i no this will never happen but i’d love to see hamilton and massa with mclaren or even hamilton and button (in my little dream world).

  24. Mika will be back in McLaren and help Hamilton.
    Alonso back for Renault with kovy.
    Or….Mclaren stick to their line up.. after all, the competetiveness within team mates that gives them the X factor.

  25. What about webber? surely the man has proved – in a good car he could be anything. Does he deserve a shot at a top team?

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