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The 2007 world championship has taken another controversial twist as Lewis Hamilton faces a possible punishment for his driving in the Japanese Grand Prix.

Amateur video of the crash between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber has led to an investigation into Lewis Hamilton’s driving in the run-up to the crash.

The video shows Hamilton closing up on the safety car then slowing down and moving to the right moments before the crash that eliminated the Red Bull and Toro Rosso drivers. See the video below.

In the safety car period that followed Sebastian Vettel hit Mark Webber, putting both out. Leader Hamilton said afterwards that he had radioed the pits asking that Webber be told to give him more space after fearing a collision.

This video shows Hamilton moving to the right and slowing down just before the crash. Vettel, who will be moved back ten places on the grid for the Chinese Grand Prix as a punishment for his role in the crash, admitted he was busy watching Hamilton when he hit Webber.

But Webber said Hamilton’s driving contributed to the crash: “It definitely contributed to Sebastian hitting me up the back because he [Hamilton] wasn’t doing what he was supposed to be doing, clearly.”

After the race Hamilton said: “When we were behind the second safety car, I was constantly on the radio to my engineers to tell the Red Bull team to get Mark [Webber] to make a little more of a gap because I couldn’t go any faster because the pace car was in front of me, so I was trying to keep the distance with him and then I’d move over because I couldn’t see Mark and then he’d just appear alongside me, so he kept out-braking himself.

“I felt something was going to happen, and I guess my instincts told me right.”

Hamilton has a 12-point lead over Fernando Alonso and 17 points over Kimi Raikkonen with 20 points left to be won over the final two races. (Thanks to Sidepodcast for the video tip).

More videos from the Japanese Grand Prix:Fernando Alonso looked set to claim pole position in qualifying but a last-gasp lap from Lewis Hamilton pipped the Spaniard by 0.07s. (Apologies for the music – nothing to do with me).

Ferrari got plenty of pit stop practice in after they sent their drivers onto the soaked circuit on intermediate tyres. The team later claimed they had not received an order from the stewards instructing all teams to start on extreme wet tyres.

Hamilton won the Grand Prix but Felipe Massa and Robert Kubica stole the show with this thrilling tussle in sight of the chequered flag.

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Photo: GEPA / Mathias Kniepeiss

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69 comments on “Video: Hamilton faces investigation over Vettel crash”

  1. Last one is already gone. :(

  2. Fixed!

  3. I remember at the time wondering if there’d be a complaint about Lewis’ behaviour on the restart. I know there’s always some gamesmanship about when to drop the hammer, but his behaviour seemed a little excessive – hasn’t someone been penalised for that in the past? (I’m thinking Montoya but can’t quite remember why).

  4. pretty damning evidence.

  5. That’s not the restart, though, David – the Safety Car’s lights were still on.

    Fisichella was punished at China in ’05 for deliberately slowing the field to let then team-mate Alonso get his pit stop done so that Fisichella wouldn’t have to queue.

    But I don’t recall a driver being penalised for slowing the field at the start – not when Schumacher slowed the pack at Monza in ’00, which led to Jenson Button crashing, nor Rubens Barrichello’s very odd rolling start at Brazil in ’03.

  6. interesting comments from Tost:

    “Look at the video. Sebastian would have had to have gone between the cars (Webber and Hamilton) and there was no chance. It was totally unexpected. It looked like Hamilton was stopping, that is why I went to the stewards.”

    it’s amazing what a bit of amateur shooting can contribute to a season, eh?

    and to think that Bernie tries to prevent people taking their own videos at races. on the strength of this i say he should be encouraging it, if only to cover up his own companies deficiencies!

  7. But all lewis did was move to the right so he didn’t hit the safety car up the back end. Looks like it might have caught webber by surprise, but the fault still lies with Vettel. Vettel should have been looking at Webber not Hamilton.

  8. Okay, now we will find out for sure where the FIA’s loyalties lie.

    For the good of the sport, it’s imperative that those who cause accidents are punished. Also it’s important that the title race goes down to the wire as far as viewing figures are concerned.

    Both of these points can be aided by a Hamilton penalty at this weekend’s race – if 10 grid places are good enough for Vettel then they are good enough for Hamilton.

    The FIA have been accused of trying to manufacture a championship for Hamilton though, which would make a penalty unlikely which is plainly wrong in my view.

    So let’s see what the stewards are made of!

  9. IMHO the driver has responsibility for the car he is driving. Vettel i believe is to blame, he showed a serious lapse in concentration, and hence the accident, from the video it can be seen that hamilton went completely to the edge of the track, there was more than enough track width of anyone one to do what they wanted, but vettel was too close to webber, and was distracted.

    This is also the main reason why drivers dont wave to the crowd as they drive past, they concentrate on the direction in which they are headed, its also possible in this case that vettel could probably have been distracted by a track marshall doin cartwheel while stripped to his underwear.

    You are not allowed to overtake under the safety car, but you are allowed to get ahead and wave the car back infront of you. Did u also notice how far back other cars behind were away from vettel?..why didnt it have an effect on other cars too if they were all close together.
    Webber was seriously shadowing Lewis, and Sebastien was even more seriously shadowing Webber, and not really concentrating.

  10. I agree completely with Oliver.
    Hamilton had to take avoiding action as the safety car had slowed too much in the corner. Hamilton was smart enough to stop hitting the safety car and managed to control his car from sliding off the track. But Webber was going so fast that he was within 5 car lengths of the safety car while Hmailton was taking evasive action. Vettel was even closeer behind Webber. Both Webber and Vettel were guilty of driving far too close behind the leading car. Hamilton is completely blameless here.

  11. Okay I’ve had a few watches and here;s what I think – they didn’t punish Schumacher at Monza in 2000, I fail to see how they can blame Hamilton for this. Yes, he slowed down, but it’s not as if he did it directly in front of Webber – he was clear over on the other side of the track.

    And I have to chime in with Sidepodcast’s comments that this is a brilliant example of how amateur footage shared on the Internet can be good for the sport, and how short-sighted it is of FOM to be taking videos like these down.

  12. And one other thing. The maximum 5 car lenghs rule is OK on a dry or dryish track. But in the torrential flooded conditions, it is ridiculous and should be increased to 10 car lengths.

  13. keith, you said it yourself in a post not so long ago (about allen’s book on schumi), the stewards have more evidence these days.

    if they can prove it, they can dish out punishment. in 2000 they may have had suspicions but no proof.

  14. Guy Smithurst
    4th October 2007, 12:39

    as i see it, lewis was atthe side, i think Webber and vettel are just two guys who had a bang. Lewis was at the other side of the track, it was rainging prety hard, you could say that Webber broke too hard and that Vettel just hit him, what has it got to do with Lewis, set of bloody prima donnas the lot of them,it is never their fault is it! i liked Webber, whod oes he think he is coming out with comments about kids on race tracks, what has he done that gives him the right to lord it over younger drivers, ibet in a equal car most of the ‘kids’ would leave him in the dust, Kimi, Lewis etc……..if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. maybe he shoudl be driving Touring Cars.

  15. hamilton’s driving was strange, but unless we see what he could actually see behind the safety car, it is difficult to judge.

    still, the main blame stays with Vettel, he was way too close to Webber, and Webber, who was way too close to Hamilton … if they kept safe distance, as all the others behind them did, no accident would have happened …

    Tost says the main reason why he went to stewards is to cancel the 10 grid places penalty for Vettel, not to penalize Hamilton. Although this video shows what TV did not show, I am not that sure it helps Vettel’s case…

  16. All the cars have cameras onboard now don’t they? Or do they just pick a few per race?

    If all have cameras then the stewards will have footage of exactly what each driver saw – they will also be able to see whether Hamilton held out wide because he was about to run into the safety car or not.

    Vettel and Webber both think it strange that Hamiton went out to wide – as if he had no power and was retiring from the race – so it is obviously not his normal line even in the wet and behind the safety car.

    The fact that race control told Heikki to sit further back from Hamilton surely gives an indication that they thought his driving a little erratic?

    It would be interesting to learn their reasons for issuing that command.

  17. all have cameras, or at least the construction on the chassis to hold the camera. and I think they actually all transmit the signal, because on the Kangaroo TV handheld at the race you can select any driver and watch the onboard footage … but who knows if they record it all …

  18. if Webber would have overtaken Hamiliton, he would have been penalized for passing under the safety car and would have to do a drive through like Massa did. Hamiliton caused and should lose his points! He brake checked them!

  19. In my opinion it does appear Hamilton has slowed excessively and pulled far too far to the right possibly giving the impression he’s had ignition failure or such, in this case it’s likely Webber is confused, “should I pass Hamilton and keep up with the safety car or not?” ….. at the time of contact he’s almost AHEAD of Hamilton. Vettel is probably watching Hamilton nearly leave the racing surface, he is distracted and BANG !!!!
    It is a drivers responsibility to control his own car but at the same time Hamilton did violate the drivers meeting instructions, concerning maintaining pace and distance.
    And this might even be called ‘errratic’ driving, perhaps not deliberate but certainly as irresponsible as being distracted. I move him back 10 places! Mark my words…..this rookie is out to earn a Schumacher reputation.

  20. does anyone know where else I can see this video? This website has too many people hitting it so I can’t get it to start…

  21. Fine everyone has a valid point, but does anyone know really if the pace/safety car was maintaining a steady pace all through, or if the driver was also finding the conditions very difficult, lets not forget, a formula1 can would easily outbreak and out accelerate the pace car, and i believe it would be extremely difficult for a formula1 car to maintain a very slow pace lap after lap more especially in those conditions like was experienced at fuji.

    I also feel the pace car would even lift off more spray from its tires than the formula1 cars.

  22. If you repeat the film over and see what hamilton is trying to avoid , there was some water on the race track and was splashed by the safety car , hamilton moved out and slowed because of his sense as a driver knowing that webber has clearly no idea about what is he getting into , and then he brakes further when he realised than the accident is inevitable , he is a quality driver and did very well avoiding the crash and shame on webber to start accusing people for his and vettel’s mistakes , they were gambling on hamilton braking under their pressure forgetting safety , Hamilton is innocent ,a superb racer and he is the next champion .

  23. Good point Oliver, which is why Hamilton should have had a little more distance between them. That’s about all I see he could be held accountable for. Or is Button’s observation addressing something he saw in another part of the track? Was this Hamilton just being caught out by surprise or was he just a bit too cocky behind the pace car?

  24. You want an answer to all these questions……set back Hamilton 10 grid spots and listen to his whining, that will tell more about HIM than we can guess at from 1000s of miles away. Ron Dennis absorbed some punishment (perhaps undue punishment) and just got back to the job at hand, Hammy will cry like the kid he is.

  25. Hamilton’s a dirty player, ya’ll see.

  26. Konstantin Kaos
    4th October 2007, 15:16

    The rules state, that the leader cannot be further than five car-lengths away from the pace car and after hamilton almost passes the pace car he instantly drops more than said five car-lengths away. This caught Webber by surprise and Vettel also, who said that he was watching what happened to Hamilton, and has taken his share of the blame.

    Looking also the harse penalties (Liuzzi f.e.) given this season, this incident CANNOT go unpunished or the integrity of the sport is in question. The exemption of Alonso and Hamilton on the McLaren-Ferrari case was alreasy a bit reaching.

  27. Fact 1: Hamilton’s Driving was poor and erratic under the safety car. It seemed like he was the leader behind the safety car first time in his life. I was always getting a strange feeling that first Alonso and Hamilton were going to crash behind safety car and then mark Webber and Hamilton was going to crash. Alonso was experienced, so he got lucky. Hamilton should get a penalty not just for that incident but for the entire poor driving behind safety car.

    Fact 2: Vettel is supposed to look at the car in front and not elsewhere. This is a formula 1 Grand prix under safety car in blinding rain. You are not supposed to take it like a victory lap or a pleasant drive on the country side on a bright clear sunny day gazing around. Though personally I should say that I am very impressed about vettel. It is the learning curve, unfortunately this was a very sharp turn.

    Fact 3: Formula 1’s video system needs some improvement. They missed such an important incident like this and it gets FIA’s attention through a personal video.


  28. I watched the GP on a bar, and I remember very clearly I was yelling like a madman at Webber “you’re going to hit Hamilton you idiot”, turn after turn. He was just too damn close to be safe, a few minutes later, Vettel rams Webber.

    As far as I know, the driver behind the SC can do whatever the hell he wants, slow down, speed up, etc. The ones behind him can also do what they please, always being mindful of the car in front.

    I’m convinced that Vettel didn’t look at Webber, and Webber brake too hard and sudden. So, the penalty should be shared among them.

    Hamilton was in the other side of the track, I just don’t see how this could have been his fault.

  29. Heh, Hamilton always brings on the comments.

    Personal feelings about Hamilton aside I agree with Madhu. Driving behind the safety car is supposed to be just that, safe. Especially in pouring rain so Hamilton should get a grid demotion too.

  30. Apologies to those of you experiencing difficulties accessing the site today. Traffic’s through the roof and I’m looking at my second server upgrade of the season!

  31. Wow… the excuses being thrown around here are astounding. You all really do love Hamilton, don’t you?

    Hamilton dove to the right and braked hard, thus, Webber had to brake hard as he was very very close to overtaking Hamilton. It’s the very logic of a chain reaction. If one comes to a near stop, the others must as well. I’d say that Lewis hit the brakes and dove to the right so Webber might fly right past him. He’d been making repeated attempts to do just that for several laps.

  32. Is this a stupid question – since there ALWAYS seems to be a problem behind the safety car in terms of speed (i.e. the safety car being too slow) – why, OH why don;t they just get a faster safety car?? surely they could strap some lights to an old F1 car or a champ car or ANYTHING – and have them run at a decent speed so they can keep their tyres and brakes up to temp, and not have these problems. It’s not exactly rocket science is it?

  33. Keith, you’re a stats man – how about totting up for us the number of times McLaren have been “investigated” this season and comparing it with the number of investigations of incidents involving other teams? It may be that passions are more easily aroused in the Ferrari/McLaren war and so McLaren incidents get noticed more, but it certainly feels as though the ratio is about two McLaren investigations to one of any other.

    Or maybe Alianora could do it for us.

  34. Josh – this was covered somewhere, the pace car is the fastest thing they can drive that doesn’t require it’s own full-time crew, special tyres etc.

  35. Sounds logical to me JOSH!

  36. I think Hamilton was in his rights to slow down.. it was pouring. Vettel was the guy that was supposed to be watching the guy in front of him.
    Webber is mad that he has a crap car and thats why he wants Hamilton penalised. Alonso should keep his mouth shut and stop looking for handouts to try and win this years championship.

    Stop blaming a championship leader because you all envy him – Its not good sportmanship!!

  37. Webber was too close to Hamilton.

    Hamilton was too close to safety car – I think the distance is 5 car-lengths or so. Almost parallel to it. His driving to the right and braking could have made the other two confused for a second – wondering if he has shut down and what to do next.

    But in the end, looking at the video, I think all three needs to be punished.

  38. MAX penalty they can give Hamilton is a 3 place drop on the grid – IT WAS VETTEL’S FAULT

  39. Vettel was probably thinking, oh wow im going to be second, until he heard the sound of carbon fiber first hand. When on the race track, u stay focused on whats in front of you, and not turn your eyes away to read road side advertising.

    What if Hamilton was slowing down because there was an obstacle in front, it would mean Vettel would still have collected that obstacle. And why did he spend so long looking at Hamilton, did he want to wave, or ask him what he had for breakfast?

    My belief, if you are on the race track, and you do not focus on whats in front of you, the sound of carbon fibre would remain consistent.

  40. By the way, does anyone know if they have been able to retrieve Webbers steering?

  41. Well, Webber certainly made his views clear on Hamilton at today’s press conference: “I think he did a s*** job behind the safety car. He did a s*** job and that’s it.”

  42. Another chance for the ferrari freight train to conquer through this Hamilton enquiry.
    There is one question that would be interesting to have an answer from the Ferrari president himself who has claimed that the maclaren is more ferrari than maclaren — how is it then that an unreliable ferrari this year which is losing them the title (Jean Totd)is not reflected in the ultra reliable maclaren

  43. Guys.. one of the main things you are missing is that, it was not the lap where the safety car came in. So, there’s really no rush for Webber to follow Hamilton that closely.

    Everyone who wants Hamilton to be penalized simply can’t handle the fact that a rookie is going to win. You guys are all prejudiced heavily.

    @Madhu. Alonso was experienced, so he was lucky. What rubbish? Luck doesn’t necessarily favor the experienced, otherwise, it wouldn’t be called luck.

    Get your prejudices away and then talk.

    We also had safety car problems in Canada where Hamilton was leading. Did you see any problems of this kind? No.

    When it’s raining this hard, it’s the driver who comes from the back that must be careful. So, don’t just blame someone for just going off too slow.

    Also, notice that when Massa went off, one of the BMW passed him. The BMW did not get the penalty. Massa got the penalty for getting his spot back. So, if anything, Webber could have gone ahead and claimed he was too slow. But, he wanted to play it safe. Same thing with Vettel. Even if Hamilton is stopping, why should you look away? You are anyway third, you should be following the second car in any event. So, it’s completely Vettel’s fault.

    Redbull’s B team took out the A team. They want to simply put the blame on a third party. Get over it guyz.

  44. Philip Says: And one other thing. The maximum 5 car lengths rule is OK on a dry or dryish track. But in the torrential flooded conditions, it is ridiculous and should be increased to 10 car lengths>>

    Exactly my conclusion, LH can’t practice start but can warm his brakes, under the rules, similarly he must stay within 5 car-lengths but in such conditions, such that warming the brakes seems almost close to a practice start in ferocity, it was as near to unsafe as can be (despite good piece of driving from Bernard in that safety car, traction control I assume). Vettel explained rather than excused himself, and from the video evidence, he had some reason. Redbull are cool about it ‘S*** happens’, was their website verdict, and Tost has defended SV, which is nice.

  45. Lewis got too close to the Safety Car and he took the corner too wide, he was always going to have to slice back across the track and that was always going to mess up Webber and Vettel. Also, I haven’t been on the website for a couple of days, but how the hell did I miss 44 comments in one day?!?

  46. ‘S*** happens’, sorry about that, but it was a quote from STR.

  47. Its stupid that Vettel was penalised for some unintentional as that and Hamilton not. Whether or not Hamilton was intentional or not is another case.

    Another thing to remember is that none us are F1 drivers (unless one of are in disguise lol). You’re only really there if you’re in the cockpit.

  48. Hamilton said: “When we were behind the second safety car, I was constantly on the radio to my engineers to tell the Red Bull team to get Mark [Webber] to make a little more of a gap because I couldn’t go any faster because the pace car was in front of me, so I was trying to keep the distance with him and then I’d move over because I couldn’t see Mark and then he’d just appear alongside me, so he kept out-braking himself.

    That’s a pretty good defence without him seeing a video… but if he needs a penalty you can’t really say much.
    But a 10grid penalty max then… who says he should be stripped from his points is just an idiot who can’t think straight. you have to give Lewis credit for his great race!

  49. Ok, I’ve looked at this again-not on company time this time, and I still have no idea what Hamilton was doing. Where was he coming from when he caught up the safety car? He was erratic and if his excuse is he was watching what was going on behind him before he nearly passed the safety car then he’s still erratic. But for Webber to say it had anything to do with his incident I’m just not seeing it. If either he or Vettel thought Hamilton was out due to a problem, Hamilton was well off to the side of the track when Vettel hit Webber. I wonder if Webber just couldn’t see how wide he had gone. Maybe Webber slowed because without Hamilton’s rain light he couldn’t see where the safety car was, Vettel already said he was distracted and rightly takes responsibility. I just don’t see this being Hamilton’s fault even if he did make a mistake. And right now I am one person who would rejoice if they yanked his points, started him at p15 in China and Kimi wins the next two races and I don’t care if he’s driving the family Skoda.

  50. The problem is with the inconsistency of penalties given to the drivers. I believe Vettel should have got 5 places for not concentrating, simple.

    I dont see now, how Mclaren can escape being thrown out of this years championship and next years aswell, based on one of their employee (on track) bringing the sport to disrepute,

    Hamilton should be stripped of his GP2 championship, and his present points tally should be handed over to Webber, for crying out loud(literarilly), he should be made to wear a blonde wig, and his super license should be shredded.

    After all he is guilty of bringing embarrasment to the sport, i mean, whaat kind of champions did we have in formula1 previously, or for that matter, experienced drivers. I remember Coulthard spinning out of the formation lap, the very first time he was on pole in F1, and it wasnt even raining then. Who can remember Webbers last race for Jaguar.

    Hamilton is not perfect, but his consistency frightens many drivers, the fact he is very focused in his very first season speaks volumes of his personality.

  51. Vettel has been quoted as saying he actually thought Hamilton had retired from the race when his car dropped off the pace like that.

  52. If a car has retired from the race, you dont stop to ask the driver, u move past. Initially he said he thought he was having a problem with his car. now its he thought he had retired…plz

  53. Your concentration should be focused on the car in front – for which Vettel has failed.

    However, if Hamilton “knew something was going to happen” he should know better.

    Regardless, in conditions where a lot of people have complained (instead of getting on with their duties), it is hard to say how they should’ve acted – and by this I mean Hamilton, seeing as he was forefront runner of the grid at the time.

    For Hamilton to say he did a good job, in light of the evidence shown, I find it an absolute debacle. I’m one of those who wrote him off as a rookie at Indianapolis – this kind of behaviour has affirmed the intent he has over the past controversies he has contrived. Such as overtaking Massa and, having clipped him, moved to cut across to “gain” an advantage over his opponent – he can make it look like his opponents mistake.

    Hamilton is in P1, he sets the pace – however, to be driving as fast as fast as he “is comfortable with” is not an excuse behind the pace car. Once you slow down dramatically, in safety car conditions and WAY off the racing line (or even Safety Car line) – what are drivers behind you meant to think?

    Massa was overtaken under Saftey car conditions because he made a mistake – what LH has done is to give the impression, hence Vettel swiping a glance to look at him, that there is something wrong by swerving way offline and underbraking when Webber and Vettel were trying to catch up. Webber brakes as he realises LH is NOT where he should be and is in danger of losing places for overtaking under the safety car – and at the same time Vettel is doing the smae thing but as he is behind Webber there is a slight delay. Next thing he knows, his front has humped Webbers backend.

    In my view, even though conditions were circumstantial, Hamilton’s actions are way worse than anything any past champion has done – why? Because he can make it look like his followers fault.

    And in that regard, this is what LH brings to the sport – an angle of winning that can be purposed as somethign different. In my view, bearing in mind I am British, I no longer wish for him to win the Championship – this is not how I want it to be. I would go as far to say, on Friday (today) I would, go to the bookies and, bet on him not winning the championship.

    Not because I don’t want him to win it – I’d rather someone else did and teach him a lesson. He’s too cocky for his own good and think the world’s behind him – and in my view, he is.


  54. MacademiaNut
    5th October 2007, 4:23

    All Hamilton has to do is finish 4th.. which I think he will comfortably do, unless there’s a misfortune of tire blowing out.. or engine failure.

    As long as Hamilton doesn’t finish lower than 5th, he secures the title.

    So, all this nonsense should hopefully end soon.

  55. Vettel should have been concentrating on the race and all this wouldn’t have happened. But lets see what the FIA will say on this issue.

  56. It doesn’t matter if conditions are bad, if Liuzzi was penalized for his alleged overtaking move under yellows with a time penalty, then Hamilton should be penalized with a time penalty as well. 30 or 45 seconds should be added to his time.

  57. talk about the drivers being prima donnas! – common sense – never mind rules dictates that you leave adequate room between the car in front in poor weather – webber was constantly trying to get the drop on hamilton and as for the guy that hits you up the jacksie – he is guilty of not watching where he is going – get of the kids back – ferrari do have friends in low places – and they have always bent the rules as close too the wire as possible – but that is forgotten

  58. I have looked at the video several times now, and I watched the race VERY closely. LH was not to blame. If anyone should be blamed it should be the FIA for allowing the race to go ahead in those appalling conditions. Wet racing is one thing, underwater Synchronised driving is quite another.

    Leave LH alone! He is the best thing to happen to F1 in years. Ferrari did not complain about a thing when Shu was winning all the races, and at that time the sport was dead boring, but they fought tooth and nail to keep it boring and Shu winning. Ferrari are a bad team of bad sportsmen, look at Kimi he can’t even get a sentence out without sending everyone to sleep, but as “the iceman” he fits right into their team.

    Lewis Rules OK!!!!! Everyone else shut up.

  59. Hurray!!!

  60. They just keep on coming, now Kovalainen speaks critically about Hamilton too (interview on autosport).

    Stewards seem to be taking their time, isn’t it evening over there by now?

  61. I wonder if there is some wacko who has made a YouTube video screaming: “Leave Brittney… er Lewis alone! Boo Hoo!” LOL

    Lets face it. McLaren are dodgy and so is Ron Dennis.

    Lewis hasn’t won the title yet. And even if he has… its only one.

  62. It may interest you to know that, Rosberg is called Brittney in F1

  63. No penalty for Lewis Hamilton

  64. another lewis fan
    5th October 2007, 13:36

    just been on news hamilton is not to receive a penalty after japan too right he never did anything wrong in first place.I wish everyone would just give a break

  65. hahaha

    FIA: mclaren driver will face no penalty!

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!!!!!!!


  66. Yes Hamilton has been cleared

  67. At lastb some sense – but the whingers – are they ex schumacher fans?? – will still harp on – watch this space – good luck hamilton

  68. Stefan Alsenmyr
    5th October 2007, 22:22

    I can not see for my life what Hamilton is doing wrong. His driving to the right minding his own bussines. No sudden moves what so ever. Webber notices he is on the way of passing the leader and breaks. Vettel is thinking of something else except racing in the wets and slams into Webber. There was plenty of space for Vettel to pass in between the two others. Vettels misstake 100%

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