F1 in the news 53: Stepney speaks out

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A stack of stories in the news this week and, no, they’re not all about Lewis Hamilton.

Nigel Stepney has spoken out about his role in the espionage scandal, Jacques Villeneuve is causing ructions in the States, and Jenson Button is either encouraging or slating Honda, depending on who you believe.

Plus do you know an F1 fan older than 93? Are you an F1 fan who’s older than 93?

Japan GP host to refund $3 million for poor seats – It may be brand-new but the Fuji Speedway had some big problems with its seating – fans couldn’t see the track properly in places.

Dennis denies foul play – It would take an excessively suspicious mind to imagine that the timing and length of Fernando Alonso’s pit stop in the Japanese Grand Prix was part of a McLaren ploy to delay the Spaniard, but nevertheless Ron Dennis was asked and he denied it.

Poland eyes Grand Prix future – Robert Kubica to get a home Grand Prix? He’s certainly got plenty of fans.

How Spyker can influence the World Championship – If Spyker’s rivals Super Aguri were to lose their championship points for running an illegal car (effectively last year’s Honda) and those points were redistributed, it would give Alonso one more point. But as McLaren’s confiscated constructors’ points were not handed out it seems very unlikely.

McLaren ready to supply Prodrive, says Dennis – The same arbitration hearing is also believed to be holding up work on the McLaren-Prodrive deal.

How we got to 90
– A 93 year-old woman describes herself as a big F1 fan – does anyone know an older F1 fan than that?

Half-made justice – Why Italians are not happy with the sanctions handed down to McLaren – The Italian perspective on Stepneygate.

Bernie advises McLaren to consider Rosberg – Could the German join his old karting team mate Lewis Hamilton next year?

Harvick no fan of Villeneuve debut – The NASCAR drivers don’t want Jacques Villeneuve to make his NASCAR debut at the crash-fest that is the race at Talladega. They’re really setting themselves up for a fall if he shows up and beats them…

Ferrari lift lid on issues that turned trusted Nigel Stepney into spy
– Ferrari claim it was anger over not being offered a coveted promotion that soured the relationship with Nigel Stepney.

Stepney says publisher pulled out because of pressure – Stepney’s side of the story is unsurprisingly different. He claims he was motivated by unhappiness over the illegality of certain elements of Ferrari’s design.

Exclusive interview – Honda’s Jenson Button – F1.com’s interview with the Honda driver is a case study in spin. Compare the straight interview here with the positive angle taken by Autosport and The Mirror’s negative “Button’s Honda attack” piece.

Matchett: The Rise & Rise of BMW part one and part two – The always fascinating Steve Matchett on how BMW have turned Sauber into front runners in just two seasons.

The Italian Job – Mike Lawrence reckons the Fuji debacle is a sign that Ferrari are about to slump back to their pre-’96 form.

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  1. Plus do you know an F1 fan older than 93? Are you an F1 fan who’s older than 93?

    Clive? : )

  2. It wouldn’t be fair for me to enter the competition, Dan. I’m 195. :D

  3. Talladega’s a tough race to make your NASCAR debut and there are enough safety issues there already, I can see their point. Unless Villeneuve’s been boning up on his drafting skills and making a lot of friends among the crew chiefs & spotters, he’s not going to win at Talladega.

  4. I think this whole NASCAR thing is going to be a tough go for Villeneuve. I mean, and french speaking formula one driver in NASCAR? Yep, he’s going to fit in real well… ;)

    Still, hopefully he can kick some ass over here. At least he has some experience on ovals to fall back on.

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