Championship standings after the Chinese GP

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The Brazilian Grand Prix will see a three-way fight for the world championship between Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen. It’s the first time three drivers have been in contention for the championship at the final round since 1986.

McLaren-Mercedes would have won the constructors’ championship at the Chinese Grand Prix had they not been excluding following the espionage scandal.

The team would have 210 points to Ferrari’s 186. The top three places in the constructors’ championship are set with Ferrari first, BMW second and Renault third.

Drivers’ championship

1. Lewis Hamilton 107
2. Fernando Alonso 103
3. Kimi Raikkonen 100
4. Felipe Massa 86 (confirmed fourth)
5. Nick Heidfeld 58 (confirmed fifth)
6. Robert Kubica 35
7. Heikki Kovalainen 30
8. Giancarlo Fisichella 21
9. Nico Rosberg 15
10. David Coulthard 14
11. Alexander Wurz 13
12. Mark Webber 10
13. Jarno Trulli 7
=14. Jenson Button 6
=14. Sebastian Vettel 6
16. Ralf Schumacher 5
17. Takuma Sato 4
18. Vitantonio Liuzzi 3
19. Adrian Sutil 1

Constructors’ championship

1. Ferrari 186 (champions)
2. BMW 94 (confirmed second)
3. Renault 51 (confirmed third)
4. Williams-Toyota 28
5. Red Bull-Renault 24
6. Toyota 12
7. Scuderia Toro Rosso-Ferrari 8
8. Honda 6
9. Super Aguri 4
10. Spyker 1

Photo: Ferrari media

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3 comments on “Championship standings after the Chinese GP”

  1. I think Red Bull is a bit disappointed not to have capitalized on their opportunity to move ahead of Williams today. Toro Rosso on the other hand did a splendid job to move up into 7th.

  2. I agreed with you Magnus. Vettel and Liuzzi have done great jobs!!! It was a great race except if you are LH’s fan

  3. I give credit when it’s due and STR did a great job today, most of the accolades bestowed on Vettel but he ran alone and unchallanged most of the race, Luizzi on the other hand was under pressure from a superior BMW and handed Heidfeld a black eye! Although to be fair, anyone passing anyone in F1 requires an error on the leading drivers part or some special circumstance. Luizzi didn’t err !

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