Relief for Honda as Button takes fifth

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Honda finally moved ahead of Super Aguri with one round of the 2007 world championship left thanks to Jenson Button’s fifth place at Shanghai.

The Japanese manufacturer has languished behind its B-team since the Spanish Grand Prix. Button has now scored six points – all the team’s points – to move them ahead of Super Aguri.

However the team remains eighth in the constructors’ championship as Toro Rosso scored eight points, moving ahead of both outfits.

Honda would be ninth but for McLaren’s exclusion from the championship, having finished fourth last year.

Button finished eighth at Magny-Cours and Monza, as well as his fifth place today. Takuma Sato scored all of Super Aguri’s points with eighth at Catalunya and sixth at Montreal.

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2 comments on “Relief for Honda as Button takes fifth”

  1. No one else seems to have mentioned it here, so I will. Well done Jenson!!! Considering it looked like a bleak day again for Honda, you really turned it around in the 2nd half of the race… It’s really strange that a crap car is proving to all what a class act he really is.

  2. jenson has done brilliantly this year, even qualifyin in the top 10 in a woeful car! hopefully theyl do better next year and give jens a chance with a good car

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