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Alexander Wurz has competed in his last Formula 1 Grand Prix. The Austrian, who announced his retirement at the Chinese Grand Prix, has confirmed that he will not race at Interlagos in Brazil next week.

Wurz said he originally decided to retire after the Canadian Grand Prix, where he finished third.

Williams will name his replacement for the Brazilian Grand Prix tomorrow. Their official test drivers are former Jordan racer Narain Karthikeyan and GP2 racer Kazuki Nakajima, son of former F1 racer Saturo. Press release below.

The AT&T Williams driver, Alex Wurz,today confirmed his retirement from active racing in Formula One.Alex made his Formula One debut in 1997 with Benetton in Canada, since which time he has driven for McLaren and most recently the AT&T Williams team, as test driver in 2006 before taking on a race seat for the 2007 season.In ten seasons, Alex has made 69 Grand Prix starts, with his most recent visit to the podium coming on the track where his Formula One career began in Montr???al.

Making his announcement, the 33 year old Austrian, who has recently become a father for the third time, said, ?????ǣI would today like to announce my retirement from active racing in Formula One. I would like to thank my family and fans,everyone at AT&T Williams and my previous teams, as well as the media, for all of their support during my Formula One racing career.

In such a hard fought environment as Formula One, I have always maintained that if you have a moment’s doubt about what you are doing, then it is time to stop. Privately I began to have these thoughts earlier this year and so have decided that now is the time to make my announcement.

Racing this season has been a real pleasure, especially securing the podium in Canada which was pretty sweet along with a number of other strong races, but now it is time to call it a day. I’d like to thank the team for accepting my decision and I wish them all the best for the last race of the year.??????

He concluded, ?????ǣI look forward to my future and perhaps the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and skills in Formula One and I have some discussions under way. I may also race again, perhaps in Le Mans or other categories and certainly some of my time will now be committed to the very important subject of road safety.??????

In response to Alex’s announcement, AT&T Williams’ Team Principal, Frank Williams said, ?????ǣAlex has made an invaluable contribution to the team for the past two years, first as one of the best test and development drivers the team has ever worked with, and more recently as a race driver.

This season Alex has had some very strong drives in difficult circumstances and we would like to thank him for all he has contributed. Alex is well known,immensely popular and widely regarded as one of Formula One’s gentlemen. I am sure I speak for everyone in the paddock when I wish Alex and his family the very best for the future.??????

The AT&T Williams team will confirm its replacement race nomination for the Brazilian Grand Prix in a written statement tomorrow, Tuesday October 9, 2007.

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12 comments on “Wurz will not race in Brazil”

  1. I admire a driver who can come out openly and admit when he makes a mistake. Wurz is trully a gentleman of the sport who has a control over his ego.

  2. And Alex now becomes available for Max’s job…

  3. Is it an indication that Nelson Piquet Jnr. will debut at his home race, replacing Wurz?

  4. F 1 could use a few more drivers with Wurz’s integrity. I am sad for the sport to see him leave.

  5. I think Wurz could give Ralf a lesson in being honest and humble and knowing when to admit you have just lost your mojo.

    Hopefully we will see him racing again in another series.

  6. I hope Wurz stays with us in some capacity next year, perhaps as a driver coach and test driver.

    Hopefully Pizzonia’ll get the Brazil drive, but I guess it’s more likely to go to Nakajima.

  7. Notice how much different this speech is opposed to Ralph’s?

    Sad to see people like this leave….

  8. He seems like a genuinely nice, decent bloke. I hope he still sticks around in motorsport as he’s a clever guy & is the sort of asset it would be unwise to lose.

  9. He would be a great Martin Brundle for somebody, but I think he will remain a really important part of racing development programs for a while…

    I can see him being appreciated over at BMW for example…

  10. Clive of course came up with the most useful use for a GREAT man.

  11. Why did he retire now ? Theres only one more race to the end of the season ??
    Although I have to admire him, a great driver and will be sad to see him leave.

  12. Why did he retire now ? Theres only one more race to the end of the season ??

    So he wouldn’t have to travel across the world again. His wife just had a baby, which he hasn’t seen. He might as well go home at this point rather then travel to South American for a weekend and then go home again.

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