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The 2007 Weblog Awards

Before the next post, which will be along shortly, a brief plea from me: If you enjoy this site, please vote for F1Fanatic in this year’s Weblog Awards 2007.

It’s nominated in three categories and although the voting is not the only way the awards are decided, it plays an important part. Best of all, you don’t have register, pay or do anything else to vote other than click each of the three the links below and hit ‘Vote’ next to

Thanks for your time.

Best Blog | Best UK Blog | Best Sports Blog

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Keith Collantine
Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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  • 11 comments on “Please vote for F1 Fanatic”

    1. voted.

      fyi: the last two links are identical.

    2. It’s a fix! I demand a manual recount!

      Oh wait no it was my mistake. Sorted now :-)

    3. I voted for you some time ago, Keith. Don’t think it will let me do it again. ;)

    4. I also voted a while ago, but I think it let me vote again today. Heh heh ;)

    5. Ali AydoÄŸan
      9th October 2007, 18:57

      another voter here :)

    6. just voted, good luck Keith!

    7. got my votes,good luck Keith!

    8. Keith, the pages you have linked to aren’t for voting.

      They are just to the nomination pages. The votes there may, or may not be used be the judges in determining the 10 finalists in each category.

      The finalists will be based in small part on those votes but also content, writing ability etc.

      Voting for the finalists start on the 15th and will be on a different page.

    9. I’m a bit confused by your comment Marc – I did know these things. Have I done something wrong? After all, I’ve no way of knowing whether I’ll get nominated as a finalist, and as you say there will only be ten in each category.

    10. Uh-oh, surely this will prompt an FIA investigation!! ;)

    11. Keith, no not at all.

      Just trying to clarify what those pages you linked to are for.

      While votes on those nomination page may be taken into judging who makes to into the ten finals list it’s not mandatory on the part of the judges.

      By all means people should visit those linked pages and vote, but it’s no guarantee of making the finals even for the top vote getter.

      NOTE to Graig, unless you can get Alonzo to talk or release any pertinate emails regarding weblog voting lets keep the FIA out of this. PLEASE.


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