F1 in the news 54: Glock set for Toyota

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In the F1 news this week Timo Glock is rumoured to be about to sign for Toyota for 2008, while expectations grow that Fernando Alonso will be back in Renault colours next year.

Meanwhile F1 fans can give their feedback on the sport in the Pitpass survey and Switzerland elects to uphold its 52-year ban on motor racing.

Renault ready to rock Mexico City with F1 demo – F1 takes to the streets of Mexico City, but sadly the cars won’t be lapping the mighty Aut?���?�??dromo Hermanos Rodr?���?�?�guez, which last held a Grand Prix in 1992.

Pitpass.com Formula 1 Survey – The FIA seem to have lost interest in their annual F1 surveys so Pitpass has picked up the baton. Go fill it out now and tell them what you think.

Kovalainen confirmed for Race of Champions – Renault’s Finnish rookie won the Race of Champions in 2004, famously beating Michael Schumacher on the way. He’ll return to the race this year, being held for the first time at the new Wembley Stadium in London.

Stewart warns of writ over ‘half-wit’ jibe – Jackie Stewart is hitting back at Max Mosley over the FIA president’s description of the three-times champion as a “certifiable halfwit who goes around dressed like a 1930s music hall man.”

Letters of intent – Reports in the German press back up the suspicion that Fernando Alonso will return to Renault next year.

Spyker’s Dr Vijay Mallya – A chat with Spyker’s latest owner – expect the team name to include a reference to India next year.

Swiss vote against racing – Sadly the hope that Switzerland might overturn its five-decade ban on motor sport has been dashed.

Hamilton opens his heart – The British championship leader is phelgmatic about his retirement in China and looking forward to the season finale.

Kovalainen joins Webber’s challenge – The bust Renault driver will also compete in the Mark Webber Pure Tasmania Challenge which includes biking, running, trekking and kayaking for a distance of 450km.

Timo Glock all set for Toyota dealGP2 champion Timo Glock is set to replace Ralf Schumacher at the Cologne-based Japanese team.

Photo: Drew Gibson / GP2 Media Service

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  1. Why did the Swiss ban motor racing in the first place?

  2. It was banned in the wake of the 1955 Le Mans disaster


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