F1 in the news 55: All eyes on Hamilton

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There are three drivers in the hunt for the championship – but the media’s focus is on the title leader as he bids to be come the first ever rookie champion.

Also the row between Max Mosley and Jackie Stewart rages on, and BusinessF1 magazine goes bust.

Driving test for Lewis Hamilton – Martin Brundle reckons Hamilton took a risk too many in Shanghai.

A classic three-way showdown – Adam Cooper analyses the final race, and comes out staunchly on Lewis Hamilton’s side.

Lewis Hamilton’s glory week – Kevin Garside is talking up the British hope as well.

Stewart calls on Mosley to resign after controversies – The bitter war of words between Jackie Stewart and Max Mosley rages on, with the three times champion calling on the FIA President to step down.

Fisichella to enter BMW Europe championship – Giancarlo Fisichella’s team FMS, which competes in GP2, will also run in F1’s new feeder category for 2008, Formula BMW Europe.

2008 V8 supercar calendar announced – Good news for Australian F1 fans – the top V8 touring car racing series will support the Grand Prix once more as from next year.

Rubython declared bankrupt – BusinessF1 magazine goes intro receivership.

Ferrari signs Massa until 2010 – Massa’s re-hiring seems to scotch rumours that Fernando Alonso is moving to Maranello.

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6 comments on “F1 in the news 55: All eyes on Hamilton”

  1. Mosley is a retard on a powertrip. I know putting Mosley in their camp is insulting to retarded folks, but what else could he be?
    What’s going on in the UK/Europe that the moron is still in his position?

  2. Seems like it’s “stupid comment week” this week, Lauda on Alonso in an ITV interview:

    “This is not normal education. Maybe in Spain they don’t educate themselves in these villages where he comes from, but all these things I do not understand.”


  3. Best quote of the day I’ve seen so far is Bernie Ecclestone on how Hamilton’s ethnicity can boost the sport’s popularity: “It is a pity he is not Jewish as well, because then we would have a much bigger audience then. Or Muslim actually because there are more Muslims.”

    Autosport.com – Hamilton most deserves title (external)

  4. Just read that, it’s brilliant.

    Another good one is Massa at at yesterday’s press conference, there had been some question to Alonso and Hamilton about how they got along etc. and then Massa chimes in :

    Q: (Flavio Gomes – Warm Up) You are two young guys, very talented and you could be the best friends in the world, in an ideal world, but you are almost enemies and from a human point of view do you think Formula One, because of this, is a waste of time?

    Alonso: I didn’t understand the question. (laughter)

    Q: (Flavio Gomes – Warm Up) You are two young guys, drivers, talented, everything else, but you are almost enemies…

    Massa: No, you can see they are best friends…

  5. I somewhat agree with Lauda. I think Alonso’s behavior and the statements of the Spanish Motorsport fellow invites foolish/emotional remarks. If the comments attributed to him are indeed true, he, like Max Moronsly, should be fired/sacked, or otherwise thrown under the bus.

  6. Thrown under a fast moving bus!
    Make sure you get the job done!!!!

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