F1 in the blogs 46: I animate Alonso!

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In the F1 blogs this week, the lighter side of the Alonso-Hamilton row…

Plus meet the only five women to have entered a F1 race weekend, past champions on this year’s battle, and is Rubens Barrichello about to get dropped?

F1 Fanatic’s Post of the Week

The Spanish inquisition

Hats off to the blogger at Top Gear who found that if you copy anti-Hamilton rants from Spanish forums and run them through one of those basic online translation tools you get a hilarious mixture of scathing vitriol and broken English.

“Weeping him flames because is clear Hamilton does not have right to complain, treat as the ass to him, sure as we are Spanish and we shut up everything (therefore the hair shines to us). I animate Alonso!”

More F1 in the blogs

Competing with men: Formula One ladies – Just five women have competed in F1 – BlogF1 looks back on their careers.

Bom dia! – Pictures from Interlagos on the excellent Renault F1 blog.

Old champions, old wounds – Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost and Nelson Piquet (the rivals from the last three-way title decider) have plenty to say about the state of affairs at McLaren. Most of which reveals a lot more about their own pasts than F1 today.

Schumacher happy just to watch the Grand Prix on TV – Michael Schumacher won’t be there in person and his happy with F1. But for how long?

Barrichello to lose 2008 race seat? – The Brazilian could become the most experienced driver ever next year – unless Honda drop him.

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6 comments on “F1 in the blogs 46: I animate Alonso!”

  1. Five women have competed in Formula One? I didn’t know that ANY had competed. You certainly never hear anything about them.

  2. TommyBellingham
    20th October 2007, 11:28

    I didn’t know about women in F1. An intresting article there :)

  3. i didn’t no woman!! BRINGBACKTHE LADYS! ;)

  4. Oops the space bar stopped working

  5. AmericanTifosi
    20th October 2007, 15:07

    “…sure as we are Spanish and we shut up everything…” That is priceless.
    Ironic too because Fernando never seems to shut up.

  6. The basic online translation tools does work from english to spanish too. I have seen the same anti-alonso thing with the same broken spanish. Not less hilarious than broken english.

    About the article of women in f1, that is very unknown for me. I have enjoyed reading a new thing for me. Very well written.

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